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Plus-size influencer urges the FAA to do better for overweight passengers

Jaelynn Chaney demands better plus-size accommodation for overweight passengers after several sour experiences with airlines

A petition started by a plus-size female influencer asking for free seats and larger aircraft facilities has gone viral and sparked a flurry of emotions. Vancouver-based travel and lifestyle blogger Jaelynn Chaney recently urged that the FAA and other airlines provide extra seats for overweight passengers.

The need for accommodations for overweight passengers on airplanes

Jaelynn Chaney, a Vancouver-based travel and lifestyle content maker, has petitioned the FAA to ensure the safety of all passengers, regardless of body type, and to make coach seating more accommodating. She would also like to see an obligation placed on airlines to reimburse overweight people for any additional seats they may have to buy to suit their size.

In addition, Chaney started a petition demanding that commercial airlines accommodate all passengers, regardless of size, by providing larger toilets and complimentary seats.

passenger sitting by the window seat in airplane working on laptop

How the public responded

Internet users have not been very supportive of her demands, despite her posting many videos to her Instagram account detailing the difficulties she has had on commercial airlines.

However, several people signed the petition in support of eliminating size discrimination on planes. As of Wednesday morning, 6,800 people had signed Chaney's petition out of a total goal of 7,500. As a "Plus Size Travel, Fashion & Lifestyle" entrepreneur, Chaney boasts over 100,000 Instagram followers.

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