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US FAA fixes computer glitch causing flight delays in Florida

A glitch in the system controlling air traffic caused temporary flight delays in Florida

There was an increase in flight delays in Florida and cancellations on Monday due to a computer problem in air traffic control, but the problem has since been resolved.

The Federal Aviation Administration issued a statement shortly before 5 p.m., confirming the computer fault that caused the government to restrict the amount of aircraft traffic entering Florida territory has been fixed. The problem harmed the core of the country's air traffic control, known as En Route Automation Modernization (ERAM).

Flight delays and frustrated passengers

Several flight delays in Florida's Miami International Airport due to an issue with the ERAM system at a Miami local air traffic control center. The airport closures impacted travel to and from other Southern states.

The holdup follows a tumultuous few weeks for airlines, during which hundreds of flights were either delayed or canceled due to a chilly winter storm, leading some to call this a holiday disaster. In the wake of a scheduling systems failure, Southwest Airlines canceled flights, leaving passengers frustrated, some without their luggage.

An airport in Miami

How heavy air traffic caused flight delays in Florida

The holiday travel season is a busy time for airlines, and while Miami International Airport was working to improve passenger behavior, other airlines were dealing with heavy air traffic. An official from Tampa International Airport previously reported that the number of planes flying over Florida was excessive.

The traffic was so bad that Miami airplanes were not being allowed to travel across the region's airspace before 2 p.m. However, this did not affect the flights that had already taken off. According to FlightAware's monitoring data, at least 199 flights were delayed, and 23 were canceled at TPA on Monday.

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