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Miami International Airport does it best to remedy traveler behavior

This dangerous practice and behavior at MIA is becoming a deadly issue right in front of our eyes

Florida’s Magic City is a travel destination for visitors around the US. People come over from their cities to meet families and friends during the holiday season and celebrate New Year’s in a fantastic way.

This year, the number of travelers to the Miami International Airport was projected to be around 2.5 million. Though Miami’s expansive airport did all it could to accommodate the large crowd, it did not expect some people to be as unruly as they were.

The ruckus at Miami International Airport is not a reflection of the residents of Miami

Though the Miami International Airport made all the accommodations necessary to house millions of travelers, it still could not have predicted the ruckus some people caused.

A famous Instagram account, @OnlyInDade, has been regularly posting updates on the situation at the airport. The viral videos show people smashing things, screaming, and losing them, making others question what Miami is like.

One of the videos shows a lady screaming, “Don’t mess with Miami people” and comments immediately follwing of people excluding themselves from her classification of “Miami people.” As a viewer, it is important to realize that this outburst is not a representation of what all Miami people are like.

Miami international Airport

The importance of harboring tolerance and keeping it cool

Events like these have stressed the importance of being tolerant toward one another and the need to keep it cool as a community.

The unruly instances by some people at Miami International Airport are not a reflection of what Miami people are like — they are peace-loving and quiet.

We must learn to strive to be better individuals for our sake and that of our community. 

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