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Accessible travel in Miami: What are your options?

Not a lot of people realize how good accessible travel is in Miami

Miami is an ideal holiday spot thanks to its gorgeous beaches, placid turquoise waters, many attractions (from the wild and wonderful to the instructive), and luxurious accommodations. No one should have to miss out on these beautiful experiences because of things out of their control. This is why there has been a refocused effort in Greater Miami and Miami Beach to ensure that getaways there are not just accessible but also truly relaxing and entertaining for guests of all abilities.

Here's a guide to accessible travel in Miami, helpful for when you want to go out and see more of the city or plan a Greater Miami & Miami Beach getaway.

How people with disabilities can enjoy Miami’s beaches

Many prominent people and groups are working to make society more accessible and welcoming for all people, like Miami-Dade County's ADA Coordinator Heidi Johnson-Wright and the Sabrina Cohen Foundation. They put in countless hours to make sure folks with limited mobility, or other impairments may enjoy all that Miami has to offer.

Many beaches offer complimentary push and powered beach wheelchairs for anyone who would otherwise be unable to visit because of mobility issues and needs accessible travel resources. The sand might be uncomfortable to walk on, thus, many of the entrances to Miami Beach have beach mats to cushion the step. Shake-A-Leg-Miami has also helped make activities like kayaking and sailing more accessible.

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Places to Explore

Greater Miami and Miami Beach have a lot to offer, and many of the main attractions are accessible to people with mobility issues. The ADA mandates that all hotels in Miami provide the necessary accessible travel amenities for guests with disabilities. Hotels featuring a variety of accessible services can be found all across the Miami metropolitan area, including Miami Beach. With its picturesque waterfront setting and lush landscaping, the Deering Estate is a must-see sight. Accessible by ramps and elevators, it welcomes those using wheelchairs. Wheelchairs are available for guests to use at no cost.

In addition to its beaches and nightlife, Greater Miami and Miami Beach are also popular destinations for boating and other watersports. On Biscayne Bay in Coconut Grove, you'll find Shake-A-Leg Miami, where you can go out on the sea for the day aboard specially adapted sailboats and learn how to sail. All of the boats in its modest fleet are accessible to those with limited mobility.

Have you ever experienced accessible travel issues in Miami? Tell us your experience in the comments.

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