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Chairman Pepe Diaz Announces Law Enforcement Appreciation Day

Celebrate Law Enforcement Appreciation Day on May 13 this year, and express gratitude for the people who keep our county safe!

Leader of the Year Chairman Pepe Diaz is bringing Law Enforcement Appreciation Day to Miami-Dade County this May. The event is scheduled for May 13, 2022, but will be observed on the Friday before National Police Week from 2023 onwards. The resolution was passed in the Miami-Dade Board of County Commision meeting on Tuesday, April 5, and includes an approval to make it a paid County holiday.

Why Law Enforcement Appreciation Day is important

In addition to National Police Week, this holiday is an important step in celebrating and appreciating the hardworking individuals who work consistently to protect the community, risking their lives on the frontline every day.

It’s a small gesture to acknowledge and honor the sacrifices officers make when stepping up to safeguard citizens and their rights, come hail or shine. They continue to show up due to their duties and go above and beyond to keep the people of Miami-Dade County safe.

This announcement comes in addition to Gov. Ron DeSantis also announcing a bonus for first-responders, including police officers, for the second year in a row.

A police officer photographed from behind as he looks on at a crowd.

How Law Enforcement in Miami-Dade is helping

Police in Miami-Dade County and other parts of the country have continued to stay on as essential workers, putting their health and safety at risk during COVID-19, in all types of political situations, and in dealing with increasing violence in the city.

In fact, Miami-Dade has been seeing an increase in gun violence in recent months, and its law enforcement that has to bear the brunt of it in all forms. Police officers are working to protect locals and their interests continually.

This is one of many incredible things Chairman Pepe Diaz has done to honor, appreciate, and support the people of Miami. A veteran himself, he has expressed his support for many public servants, law enforcement officers, veterans, and other often-neglected members of our community. Take a look at some of his other notable legislations here. Subscribe to our news publication for everything you’ll want to know, including news, events, and much more.

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