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First responders bonus approved by Ron DeSantis

The Governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis, has committed to offering a bonus for first responders for the second year in a row, holding a press conference at Ponte Vedra Beach

A firefighter dressed in gear points upwards while next to a ladder.

Despite the criticism and certain hotly debated bills and some controversial laws, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis remains one of the most well-respected public figures in the state, supporting citizens in various ways during his tenure.

In his latest attempt to support and uplift Florida citizens, he has announced another round of bonuses for first responders in the region.

What prompted Gov. DeSantis to announce this bonus

During his announcement at Ponte Vedra Beach, Gov. DeSantis stated that inflation and the rising cost of gas and other necessities make it incredibly difficult for ordinary people to meet the cost of living. As rising prices of necessities affect families, these bonuses come as a welcome relief for many. First responders are the backbone of our social structure and help regular people like us feel safe and secure while they're on the frontlines of everything from COVID to gang violence to natural disasters and accidents such as the tragic Surfside Condo collapse.

The bonuses for first responders are a way of extending gratitude, showing appreciation, and helping them improve their lives. The bonuses have been accounted for in the state's budget for the year 2022-2023.

Medics work inside an ambulance helping a patient.

How the bonus will help both the public and the state

Although it will cost the state $100 million to make it happen, it's an important gesture of goodwill to offer these bonuses a second time around. First responders such as paramedics, rangers, EMTs, police offers, sheriff's deputies, firefighters, and police officers will all be eligible to receive this bonus. The stimulus comes as a relief for many whose lives have been affected by record-breaking inflation and stagnated pay.

Additionally, it's beneficial to the state as well, helping boost employee morale and encouraging them to stay in their fields for longer, perform better, and stay committed, while also attracting new people to join these professions.

A date for the disbursement of the bonuses has not been declared, but it will happen at some point in the year. Gov. DeSantis also announced a general pay raise for teachers, saying it was in legislature at present.

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