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Stay home, stop the germs!

Miami Firefighters

Help us stop the spread of germs by helping us spread this message! 

In an effort to spread the message to our community, Miami-Dade Fire Rescue firefighters want to ask members of our community to practice social distancing and be safe by staying home. Several stations around the County displayed signs thanking residents for staying home and for keeping social distance, like shown in these photos.

image1 - Stay home, stop the germs!

Social distancing means keeping away from others in order to prevent the spread of coronavirus. It is recommended that you stay in your home, unless you need to get groceries, go to the pharmacy, or visit a medical professional. Overall, however, it is best to stay in your homes. 

These men and women go to work every day not knowing what they will encounter, putting their own lives at risk, a sacrifice that is only made so they can help people in a time of need. They go to work so that we can all stay home. To show our appreciation, we have to follow their guidelines and practice social distancing.

image2 - Stay home, stop the germs!

Our first responders emphasize the importance of having everyone be an active participant in the fight against this invisible enemy that has disrupted and devastated so many lives around the world. They are doing their part by coming to work to keep you safe, let’s all work together toward this common cause.

Besides staying home, be sure to wash your hands frequently for 20 seconds at a time. If you do not have access to soap and water, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer instead. Try to stay six feet apart from people at all times, as this is the safest distance. 

image3 - Stay home, stop the germs!

In this delicate time, we must help make our first responders’ jobs easier by staying indoors and practicing proper health guidelines. 

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