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2 People Have Been Injured After Shooting in Miami Gardens

The devastating shooting in Miami Gardens took place near a local school

In the latest round of violent outbreaks and altercations, a shooting in Miami Gardens has taken place near North Gardens High School, resulting in two people being injured.

What news and police reports say

Police were alerted regarding a shooting taking place in the vicinity of North Gardens High School but did not confirm whether the shooting was on or off-campus.

However, it took place right outside the entrance and resulted in a senior (18) and a junior (17) being shot and injured, as confirmed by the Miami-Dade Fire Department. One victim was transported in an ambulance, while the other was transported by air.

Both victims are treated at Jackson Memorial Hospital as investigations continue, and suspects are interrogated further.

Updates on the suspects and situation

 Suspects were seen driving in a blue Kia, which was soon located close to Top Golf in Northwest 179th Street and Second Avenue, and the suspects were taken into police custody. The shooting in Miami Gardens seems to have been drive-by, targeting police officers and law enforcement in the region, with suspects hanging out of the vehicle to accomplish this.

However, in the process of doing so, the two teens were injured, and an off-duty police officer who was working at the school arrived on the scene after hearing gunshots. Witnesses also report hearing violent gunshots, bringing out a sense of panic.  

It’s shocking for the community, given that this is not unheard of or uncommon, and violence in and around schools in America keeps rising. Whether or not the school was the target, or the main site of the shooting, is not the concern. The concern is that students, children, and young adults, are not safe and remain vulnerable to the violence they are subjected to. While activists may push for stricter gun control, the issue is a lot more complex than that.

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