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Tragic Murder-Suicide in Miami After Man Kills His 2 Children and Himself Outside Miami Lakes Apartments

Police are looking into the domestic dispute that escalated to a murder-suicide in Miami neighborhood

In a tragic turn of events, a domestic dispute resulted in a shooting that led to two kids, aged 9 and 12, being shot by their father outside Miami Lakes. The father then shot himself in what turned into a murder-suicide in Miami case no one expected.

Police are currently investigating the circumstances surrounding this horrific tragedy in Miami and what may have led to such a terrible turn of events or such extreme action on behalf of the father.

The events leading up to the tragic incident

A domestic dispute, the events of which are unclear and not publicly known as yet, resulted in a Miami local shooting his 9-year-old son and 12-year-old daughter and then turning the gun on himself.

The children’s mother was also in the same home. However, she was uninjured and safe in the wake of the horrible tragedy. Witnesses reported her presence, and another relative, presumably the children’s uncle, at the scene.

It’s still unknown whether calls for help or domestic distress were made earlier or if law enforcement was involved or alerted before the incident took place.

Police are looking up for the domestic dispute in Miami.

How law enforcement is responding to the incident

Law enforcement, including Miami-Dade police and fire department units, arrived on the scene right before 9.30 p.m. The father and children were pronounced dead on arrival.

The investigation is ongoing as relevant units work the case, gathering any information beneficial to them. They’re currently talking to witnesses, family, and anyone connected to the victims and suspect to piece together what happened.

It’s difficult to digest another murder-suicide in Miami and occurrences surrounding this tragedy, especially with such young lives involved. Miami-Dade law enforcement has a tough case set out for them, as they continue dealing with other instances of violence and misconduct as well.

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