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Jeanine Bergman on the Point Zero Experience, Self-Worth, and Healing

Meet Jeanine Bergman, the Pilates instructor and business owner who helps people achieve mental wellness through guided meditation

Jeanine Bergman is the owner of Pilates One and founder of the Point Zero Experience. What started with two machines and a small apartment has now become an elegant studio at Coconut Grove, FL known as Pilates One. After a lot of trial and error, from starting off with teaching Pilates to learning about Kundalini, she created an immersive meditation experience that helps people rediscover their self-worth.

About Point Zero Experience

Point Zero Experience is a type of meditation that has breathwork, kundalini, and guided meditation. The goal is to direct your vibration and frequency into love and gratitude. She teaches 12 sessions and each has different intentions. such as the Heart Opener, Your Worth, Release to Receive, and more. Jeanine understands that everyone is at a different stage in their life and every stage has its own needs. She designed different sessions and carries them out based on the energy of the room.

Each session starts with Kundalini, which are basically warm up exercises to help your body open up and relax. We carry so much tension and trauma in our bodies. Kundalini involves moments that address emotions like anger and frustration in the core.

Then guided meditation and 15 to 18 minutes of breathwork work together to quiet a certain part of your mind so you can listen to your inner vibrations. Vibrations are states of being. They are similar to ‘vibes’ in that they reflect the energy of a person. Jeanine helps clients raise their vibration to reflect love and even to gratitude - the highest vibration you can have.

What inspired Jeanine to create the Point Zero Experience

Jeanine inspires people to accept themselves the way they are. By teaching them how to open up different parts of their mind, she reminds them that their happiness and peace is within them. They don’t need external validation or material tools to achieve this. All they need is love and gratitude. The Point Zero Experience is a reminder of how our experiences affect us, how our mind holds so much power over us, and how much more we can achieve once we’re aware of these two things.

Jeanine aims to tell people that they can control their mind and ultimate outcomes instead of the other way round. Our thoughts produce emotions which then influence our outcomes. When we feel a lack of love, we feel helpless and empty. When we rediscover that love within us, we feel powerful. Sharing this with others is even more healing, which is what inspired Jeanine to create the Point Zero Experience.

By quieting the discouraging chatter in our heads, we can make clearer decisions. We become more open to accepting and giving love. By connecting with others we realize that we can help each other do better through little actions like spreading love and gratitude.

What she’s focusing on right now

Jeanine’s current focus is on the spaces between our thoughts and how to get there. These spaces provide great opportunities for healing and we can manifest a lot once we start getting more comfortable with them. She’s always studying and exploring different types of meditation and ways to incorporate them into her work.

One of the great things about guided meditation is that it helps many people who find it hard to focus. It’s much easier to quiet the mind and sit with it in silence when you have a calming voice helping you center yourself. It transports you to a place where you’re free of everyday distractions, a place where you can rediscover your inner empowerment and self-worth.

So many of us are still adjusting to returning to workplaces after the lockdown. The pandemic took a toll on everyone’s mental health in the form of fear and certainty. Jeanine’s next goal is to work with corporations and teenagers to help working individuals deal with stress and achieve their personal goals. She is also working on going digital with the Point Zero Experience so she can inspire people to live a better life no matter where they are in the world.

Jeanine offers several sessions of the Point Zero Experience a month. They take place at the Soho Beach House as well as at Sacred Space. hen she isn’t meditating she is teaching Pilates in her studio, Pilates One in Coconut Grove. People can sign up for a session and learn more about her work on her website or follow Point Zero Experience and Pilates One on Instagram.

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