Cultural tourism in Miami: Top places to visit

Miami is a melting pot of cultures, and it would be a shame if you didn’t explore the rich history it holds. While the sandy beaches and exquisite resorts should definitely be on top of your list, set aside a day to acquaint yourself with the culture Miami is surrounded by. If you’re in the mood for a bit of cultural tourism, we have listed some beautiful and mesmerizing spots that you can visit to know Miami and its history up close and personal!

Holocaust Memorial 

Whenever we think about a Holocaust Memorial, our mind immediately races to Berlin. However, many tourists don’t know that there is a Holocaust Memorial in Miami to commemorate the six million victims of the Holocaust. 

With nearly 25,000 survivors in the region, South Miami is home to the largest population of Holocaust survivors in the whole US. A patently historical monument, you can book a tour to better understand Miami’s connection to the refugees and get a deeper understanding of how far and wide history stretches. 

Little Havana

You can’t possibly plan a cultural tourism itinerary without including Little Havana. Home to a vibrant Cuban population, Little Havana brings you culture and food inspired by the largely Hispanic influences surrounding the place.

Whether you’re looking to munch on some authentic Cuban cuisine, or pop into quaint cigar stores to pack up for your trip back home, or go on a Little Havana Tour you’ll have the best of experiences. Plus, for Latin music enthusiasts, the Walkway of the Stars is a must-visit area where they pay tribute to some of the dynamic singers that gave birth to the genre! 

St. Bernard De Clairvaux Church 

Whether you’re a sucker for architecture or looking to feel spiritually connected in a place of worship, the St. Bernard De Clairvaux Church is a beautiful site to visit.

Originally built in Segovia, Spain in the 12th century, the ancient Spanish monastery and church found its final resting place in Miami when millionaire William Hearst moved it in the 20th century. Despite the move and reassembly, the beautiful church still has the original medieval architecture that makes you feel like you’re slowly falling back in time. 

Although a popular destination for locals, especially ones who wish to tie the knot, the St. Bernard De Clairvaux Church has garnered interest by tourists and traveling architects alike. You can even find an informative exhibit that gives a detailed history about the historical landmark and its significance in Miami. 

Stepping away from the basic tourist locations and diving deep into cultural sites is an important and fascinating way to know more about the beauty that is hidden within Miami. For more tips and advice on seasonal stuff to do in Miami, keep reading our informative blogs on Calle Ocho News. 

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