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How to make delicious Cuban Sandwiches in 5 easy steps

Enjoy Cuban sandwiches whenever, wherever, when you learn to make them just right

Anyone who’s tasted Cuban sandwiches, knows that nothing beats the taste. But you can’t always eat out or head over to your favorite food joint or eatery to grab a sandwich.  

That’s why you’re going to love these tips and tricks to perfecting your Cuban sandwiches at home:

Gather all the ingredients you’ll need

The base of Cuban sandwiches includes pork, ham, swiss cheese or another yellow cheese, Cuban bread or other soft varieties, pickles, and mustard. You can also add other ingredients such as vegetables and other condiments as per your preferences. The beauty of Cuban sandwiches is in their simplicity.

Braise and season your sliced pork

If you haven’t already, braise and season your pork to roast it. Ideally, you should be using a cut from the shoulder or the tenderloin for the highest quality. Keep it as tender as you can, and be sure to season it with some fresh lemon or lime juice, garlic, pepper, salt, cumin, and oregano. There are different ways to prepare your sliced pork, and you can either do it by roasting it or by cooking it in your good old-fashioned pressure cooker. Many people choose to BBQ it as well, depending on their taste.

The point is to retain the juicy flavor and tender texture and ensure that your pork is fully cooked. Experimenting with the way it’s cooked is up to you.

Prepare your ham slices to go inside

While the pork cooks, you can prepare your ham slices. You can keep them as they are or season them and toast them a bit for some added flavor. We recommend using smoked ham because it’s incredibly flavorful and has a great texture too, adding richness to your sandwich.

As the ham roasts, start assembling

Start assembling your sandwich strategically. Layer the ham onto the bread, followed by your swiss or yellow cheese for a little flavor. Top the cheese with your pork which should be done by this point—you can shred it, layer it in chunks, or keep it as it is. Add your pickles and top that off with more cheese, spread mustard onto the top layer of bread, close it and toast it. You can toast it in a panini maker, sandwich maker, or a regular pan, but cover the lid to make sure the cheese melts properly.

Make your own additions to it as well

While the ingredients are pretty straightforward and simple, you can always add your own picks to it too. Kale, fresh or sauteed spinach, potato slices, cherry tomatoes, and other condiments like sauces and seasonings. You can make it spicy, use sweet condiments like honey mustard, and customize it however you like. It’s entirely up to you how you customize the flavor and texture.

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