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Commissioner Bovo bettering the lives of Miami-Dade Residents

Esteban "Steve" Bovo

Commissioner Bovo resolutions include temporary road closures in response to COVID-19 and better protection against police brutality

Commissioner of District 13, Esteban “Steve” Bovo recently had two of his resolutions passed by the Miami Dade County Commission, both of which will serve to protect the safety and welfare of residents in the county. 

The first resolution encourages temporary road closures and traffic rerouting in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. These initiatives will help the county to stay in line with social distancing guidelines and promote the health of not only residents, but visitors of the county during the recovery from the pandemic. 

Commissioner Bovo believes that redirecting traffic will allow the utilization of different roadway areas during the economic recovery process. This means that restaurants and businesses could reopen, using the areas that are empty of traffic to spread out their tables and remain six feet apart, as required. Bringing back businesses allows for business owners and employees to begin to get their source of income and livelihood back in a safe manner. 

Bovo’s other resolution aims to protect the livelihood of residents by prohibiting the Miami Dade Police Department and the Miami Dade Corrections and Rehabilitation Department from hiring officers who are found guilty of brutality. 

As a result of the resolution, sworn officers may not be hired if they have been ruled to have used improper force while serving. This resolution was discussed among former police lieutenant Commissioner Joe Martinez and Commissioner Sally Heyman. All parties agree that sworn officers have an immense amount of authority and responsibility, and this resolution aims to prevent the potential abuse of that authority. 

“Our sworn officers must all uphold and be held to the highest of standard,” said Commissioner Bovo. “This measure will not only protect residents, but officers from working with bad actors at Miami-Dade Police Department and the Corrections and Rehabilitation Department.” 

This resolution comes in a timely fashion, as the Black Lives Matter movement continues across the nation. 

To learn more about Commissioner Bovo and District 13, visit board of county commissioners page.

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