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Walter from Kcull on “Working Together”

Kcull Miami

Kcull Marketplace believes the pandemic is the perfect time for Calle Ocho businesses to collaborate

Kcull is a store on Calle Ocho that aims to provide selling platforms for local artists. The store has been in business for two years and is all about connecting artists and emerging brands directly to the consumer. Ninety percent of the products in the shop are handmade.

Walter 1 - Walter from Kcull on “Working Together”

According to Walter Santiago, while this is a profitable business, it is really a “passion project.” 

“I think it is something we can keep growing and building and making the network larger,” said Santiago.

This desire to make the network larger stems from Santiago’s understanding that many of the artists featured in the Kcull shop live off the products that they make and sell. Santiago believes that now is the perfect time to network with other businesses, as the COVID-19 pandemic has decreased many of the business’s revenue. 

This is a great opportunity for the community to come together and unite to keep the businesses alive, Kcull has almost no traffic coming into the store, so they are now looking to locals to come in and support.

Walter Santiago CEO

Santiago believes that now is the time for local influencers and businesses to come together as business partners and put together a marketing plan that will benefit everyone. This is an ideal that Kcull already supports, being that their products come from over 30 brands and artists. He believes his shop is “a reflection of everyone working collectively.” 

Unfortunately, Santiago does not believe that businesses on Calle Ocho are working together enough. It is his belief that business owners should send consumers to nearby shops, depending on what they are looking for. 

If someone comes to me and wants to buy a guayabera, I send them to Fidel at The Havana Collection. If someone goes to The Havana Collection and wants to by jewelry, they send those people here.

Walter Santiago CEO

Santiago believes that businesses need to help each other out, especially after the pandemic. He is hoping that local businesses will be willing to participate and contribute to creating a marketing campaign to encourage residents to shop local, which is an ideal that Kcull upholds in its support of local artists.

To learn more about Kcull, visit the website or their Instagram @kcullshop

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