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ArtServe Live Cultural Convo with Corinna Moebius

Dr. Corinna J. Moebius

Dr. Corinna Moebius puts together this virtual ArtServe event to bring artists together and discuss how to challenge social issues through art

ArtServe Live Cultural Convo, sponsored by WLRN, will take place on August 10, allowing artists the chance to take part in a conversation about how art can change the dialogue behind social unrest. This event comes in a timely matter, as the current protests in the Black Lives Matter movement has left artists struggling to figure out what their place as activists. 

Put together by South Florida “Change Maker” Dr. Corinna Moebius, the event will be live on Facebook and Zoom on Monday August 10 from 3:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. Viewers will be able to comment and ask questions, allowing for an engaged discussion to take place. With artists constantly struggling to use their creative minds to improve social unrest, ArtServe believes this event will lead artists on the right path to spark change. 

“This will be a substantive conversation on finding solutions through the power of art activism. We want to facilitate a meaningful, important discussion, and we plan to leave everyone who attends this event with the tools to be an active participant in the creation of a better world, to help bring the community together and to precipitate positive change.” 

Ed King, Marketing Director for ArtServe

Facilitating change is something that Dr. Moebius has much experience doing, being that she is the director of Imagine Miami, a South Florida branch of Catalyst Miami which aims to promote civic engagement. She also develops “Change Maker” conferences, where local leaders are able to connect to develop and share knowledge. Beyond this, Dr. Moebius is well known for the walking tours she leads in Little Havana, and for her work in race relations. 

Dr. Moebius has recruited two guests to participate in the virtual event: Broward art activist Niki Lopez and Pinellas County Leigh Davis, who is the co-founder of “The Words Project”. Together, they plan to examine the world of art through the eyes of cultural creators and leaders, as well as organizations and entities that provide cultural engagement with the community. 

"In this talk, I'll explain how creative people can work effectively with community and grassroots organizers, and vice versa.  Arts-based collaborations can bring people together in dialogue versus debate. These kinds of projects can open hearts and minds, catalyze conversations, and inspire social change and movement building."

Dr. Corinna Moebius

To learn more about ArtServe visit this website. To learn more about Dr. Moebius, you can visit her website, Facebook page, or Instagram @bordercross8

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