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Care Resource orchestrates wellness in South Florida for Heart Health Month

This February, Care Resource puts the spotlight on heart health, offering complimentary screenings to promote longer, healthier lives. Join the movement in South Florida!

As February unfolds, Care Resource urges everyone to prioritize their heart health, considering the alarming statistics that highlight heart disease as the leading cause of death in the United States. Dr. Steven Santiago, the Medical Director at Care Resource, emphasizes the importance of regular checks and addressing issues related to cholesterol and high blood pressure to reduce the risk of death.

The staggering numbers reveal that one person dies every 33 seconds from cardiovascular disease in the U.S. With 695,000 lives lost to heart disease in 2021 alone, it's evident that a collective effort is needed to combat this prevalent issue.

Tips for a heart-healthy lifestyle

To maintain a healthy heart, Care Resource recommends a proactive approach:

Keep a Check on Blood Pressure: Regular monitoring is essential as high blood pressure can often manifest without noticeable symptoms. Almost half of the adult population in the United States grapples with hypertension, contributing to a staggering 691,095 fatalities.

Assess Cholesterol Levels: It is recommended that individuals undergo cholesterol level testing at least once every five years. Care Resource provides a straightforward blood test to assess cholesterol levels, addressing the concerns of nearly 25 million adults in the United States whose total cholesterol levels exceed 240 mg/dL.

Adopt a Heart-Conscious Diet: Give preference to a diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables, striving for a minimum of five servings each day. Opt for foods that are low in saturated and trans fats, as well as cholesterol, while emphasizing those high in fiber.

Make Physical Activity a Priority: Involve yourself in moderate-intensity activities for at least 150 minutes per week, seamlessly integrating exercise into your daily routines for a healthful and enjoyable lifestyle.

Kick the Habit: Smoking can significantly heighten the risk of heart disease. Those who do not smoke are advised to steer clear of starting, while smokers are urged to seek support from Care Resource healthcare providers to quit at the earliest opportunity.

A heart-shaped collection of healthy fruits and vegetables

A collective mission for heart health

Let's make Heart Health Month a collective effort to prioritize cardiovascular well-being. Care Resource emphasizes the importance of knowing one's numbers and gaining knowledge on improving heart health. The health center's commitment extends beyond screenings, aiming to instill awareness and encourage proactive steps towards heart-healthy living.

In the spirit of Heart Health Month, Care Resource invites individuals to take advantage of the no-cost cholesterol screenings and blood pressure tests every Tuesday. These complimentary screenings not only provide essential health information but also serve as a gateway to learning more about the health center's affordable and accessible services.

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