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Brianna Yvelisse Lopez and her book The Nighttime Series

Brianna Yvelisse Lopez: The Nighttime Series

Brianna Yvelisse Lopez is an upcoming author with a lot of potential. She has been writing for an exceptionally long time and come 2020; she has finally decided to publish her first poetry book. For Brianna, this book The Nighttime Series explains all her experiences as a teenager.

While Brianna was still a teenager, she went through some depressing and heart-wrenching experiences that she feels people of every age can relate to. If you are a teenager who is currently going through or has gone through Brianna’s situation – you should consider giving her book a chance. The feelings of depression, loss, and anxiety are moments we all go through in life; that is why The Nighttime Series is relatable for every age. 

For Brianna, the reason for publishing this book is simple. When she was going through these tough moments as a teenager, she had no one to look up to or ask for guidance. To save others from feeling lonely, and to provide light in their times of darkness, Brianna has published her experiences. According to Brianna, when someone learns that a feeling they are experiencing is normal, they start to believe that there is a way out. We start to believe that if someone like us found a way out, maybe we can too. This factor alone can be very reassuring. 

She wants to make sure that people who are lost always know that this book exists. A book that can help them through their darkest times that comes from a person who has seen it all. The book talks about depression, anxiety, loss, and heartbreak in general, which makes it suitable for everyone. If you have experienced similar emotions, you should pick up Brianna’s book and give it a go – we assure you – you won’t regret it.   

If you would like to reach out to Brianna herself she can be reached at @writtenby.brianna.  You can also purchase a signed copy of Brianna’s book here, or an unsigned copy via Amazon

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