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An Excellent Style Guide to Recycling Old Clothing Items for New Looks

Try out these fashion tips and style guide to fashion in Miami for a fresh new look to your wardrobe

If you find that you’re always complaining about not having anything to wear, even though you literally just shopped a few weeks ago, you’re not alone. We tend to get bored of the things we own, even if we love them, and struggle to use these items more than a few times because fashion in Miami can be hard to keep up with.

A lot of this has to do with the way we use them, which can often be quite limited and restrictive. Unless you’re really into experimenting with a style guide or have a bold sense of fashion, you’re probably just using these items in a simple way. But that can get boring after some time, which is why we’re sharing some tips on restyling old pieces to get a whole new look:

Get creative with lace and embellishments

Get your glue gun and sewing machine out because in this style guide it’s time to DIY some gorgeous lace and embellishments to zhuzh up your wardrobe. Add lace to lengthen tops, dresses, skirts, sleeves, or add more delicate detailing and use embellishments to give clothes new life. You can bling out old denim jackets and jeans, different fabric tops, pants, you name it. It’s a great way to add more flair to your old favorites.

Alter your clothes to resize them and change their fit

Sometimes we end up storing clothes away because we don’t like how they fit. Our bodies change over time, and clothes should fit them, not the other way round. Fortunately, there are some great ways to resize clothing to make it fit better or change its look.

You can resize baggy sweaters, loosen up tight tops, add length, hem the edges to make it fall better, and so much more, depending on what you require. For instance, you could also convert old jeans into shorts for beachwear and summertime or turn a regular top into a crop top for a whole new style.

 It’s a great way to use clothes you thought you couldn't because of sizing issues and concerns.

A woman wears a simple and basic yet stylish outfit while posing on vacation.

Mix and match staple pieces with statement items

Bored of that plain colored top you own? Spice it up with some layering and accessories! You can never run out of options if you change up the way you style basic items and use them to create fun looks as a style guide.

Layer a buttondown with a dress, or add on a printed scarf. Use bold, bright jewelry and accessories to make a statement with simple clothes. Use a dress as a shirt or skirt. The options are endless!

Pair different prints together for a fun experiment

We’ve already talked about mixing different items but what we haven’t talked about is mixing and matching different prints together. Use prints that will clash together or don’t seem to work together and create color-blocks or play around with patterns to create a totally out-there and radically new look altogether.

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