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Sustainable Fashion Products in Miami

Sustainable fashion has been taking the world by storm as people continue to innovate and think of ways to find more eco-friendly alternatives to traditional manufacturing, production, sales, and sourcing methods.

While some brands and businesses have managed to revamp their entire process to be more eco-friendly completely, others are focusing on some parts of their production process to be more sustainable.

If you're interested in shopping more responsibly, these Miami businesses are here to help. You can learn more about them below:


Sustainable fashion in Miami starts with Antidote. As the name suggests, this fashion business provides consumers an antidote to hyper-consumption, excessive spending, and buying environmentally damaging products.

The products are curated and collected by the founder and owner of the store, packaged in eco-friendly ways, and everything used is carefully examined. From non-toxic ink to recycled paper to specially sourced tissue paper, they ensure their packaging is as thorough and sustainable as their products. You'll find everything from scarves to jewelry in their store. It's a treat to visit! 

Nomad Tribe

Nomad Tribe's been in business for a while. Located in Wynwood, the brand has some of the most funky-yet-cool products to choose from. You can buy men's and women's clothing here and choose from various designs, styles, prints, and patterns. Not only are their products sustainably sourced and produced, but they also celebrate culture and heritage from around the world through each collection. It's definitely one of the best places to shop for timeless, unique pieces.


This one's for all the fitness enthusiasts and yoga-pant fans out there.YOGiiZA is a small boutique that sells organic products made of sustainably and responsibly sourced raw materials. Their range includes amazing sports bras, yoga pants, t-shirts, underwear, and so much more. Not only that but the brand is also committed to gender and social equality and lots of radically cool causes. You can check out their Instagram profile and place an order through their website or visit their store.

Meadow Collective

Last but not least, we love this crowd-favorite store that brings clients some of the most eclectic, eccentric, and totally unique boho products. They have beautiful jewelry, clothing, shoes, and dozens of sustainably sourced products perfect for the free-spirited yet responsible consumer. Check out their social media page and scroll through some of their amazing products.

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