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Aguacate Sanctuary of Love, a heaven created by Daney Cabrera

Daney Cabrera

At Aguacate Sanctuary of Love even Hispanics can change, evolve, elevate; We just need to want that for ourselves.  

In January, we launched our “working juntos” campaign in line with our synergistic approach for 2020.  We believe in working together with all nationalities, genders, races, and things.  Among those things, is our earth and bodies which is why I bring you, Daney Cabrera of Aguacate Sanctuary of Love.  Daney is Cuban but she does not eat roast pig on Christmas Eve, as a matter of fact, she rescued a pig named Ramon from the Cabrera Slaughterhouse that a lot of people visit for their pig to roast on Noche Buena.

daney cabrera3 e1580853617616 - Aguacate Sanctuary of Love, a heaven created by Daney Cabrera
Aguacate Sanctuary of Love

Daney says there are a lot of opinions regarding 2020 and why it is going to be such a special year.  According to sources, this is the year that Japan will build a robotic moon base, bio-fuels will be cost competitive with fossil fuels, we will be very close to being able to control devices via microchips implanted in our brains and much more.  Now I ask you… If we can achieve all this, don’t you think we can achieve anything we want within our mind, life, and bodies? I say yes, and so does Daney. After all, when you think about it, our mind, life, and body are the only three things we can control.

We at Calle Ocho News say this is the year to see clearly!!!  In case you have not noticed, the actual numbers 2020, denote perfect vision and because we believe there are no such things as coincidences, we want to assist in opening your eyes.  Many of us are programmed by society and so we carry a veil over our eyes. It is scientifically proven that if we can make the connection between what we experience every day, what we put into our bodies and how it all connects, we can live a more satisfied and fulfilled life.

“Walk into any hospital and you will see people suffering from chronic illnesses. There are two kinds of illnesses, chronic and acute. Acute conditions are severe and are suddenly onset. This could be anything from a broken bone to an asthma attack. A chronic condition, on the other hand is something that starts off small and grows with time. It is always present, such as Alzheimer disease, Dementia, Arthritis, and well the list is long. The decisions we make everyday about how we treat animals, the earth, and our bodies directly affect our mind, body, and soul.  The worse our choices, the more obstructions we experience internally and the more illnesses, irritation, sadness, inflammation, and anxiety we get.”

We tend to think that our decisions will not make a difference in this world. If you think that you as a decision maker do not affect the world and your surroundings, then you could not be more wrong. We live in a world that turns to medicine and doctors who are barely taught about nutrition in their curriculum. We need to focus on how we treat our bodies and what we put into them.

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Aguacate Sanctuary of Love

What is Aguacate Sanctuary of Love (ASL) ?

ASL is a place you can expose yourself to wellness, nature, healthy meals, and maybe even buy some produce to make your own.  It is a place that gives you all the tools you need to heal yourself and connect to the forces that connect us to all that IS, which is GOD. You can also build a relationship with all the animals that have been saved by Daney and her husband Antoine.  Daney expresses that “we as a race fail to make the connection between the mind, body and soul. This disconnect causes all kinds of disconnects internally that eventually manifests itself into one big subdivided being that is living in chaos brought on by habits, and lack of awareness.” Daney turned to veganism not only to lead a healthier lifestyle, but most importantly to stop the exploitation of animals. It was then that she felt it was her calling to spread awareness about condoning animal cruelty, while educating, especially the Hispanic community, on how veganism can also have a tasty “latin” flare to it.  

Why ASL?

Daney Cabrera is not your average “Miami Girl”. Last year Daney was top producer for Keller Williams having sold a combined 90 Million Dollars in real estate in her career and so you might wonder how someone like this has the time to do something in the completely opposite industry of wellness. The answer is simple, Daney got tired of being tired and she found herself in the same cycle some of us have found ourselves in but have not realized we are in.  Plain and simple, Daney WOKE up and now she sees clearly, and she wants everyone else to open their eyes as well.

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Aguacate Sanctuary of Love

A message from Daney

I created this sanctuary as a haven from today’s world. I want you to come and see my creation and what me and my family have built for you. Here you can relax, read a book, take in nature, enjoy a deliciously prepared meal (that is locally sourced), a plant-based menu that we bless with the best energy that exists, LOVE, See you soon!”

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Daney Cabrera

The Aguacate Sanctuary of Love is located at 12100 SW 43rd St, Miami, FL 33175 and is open everyday from 9AM to 7PM except Sunday that they close at 6 and Monday that they do not open.

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