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8 Burger Food Truck in Miami is Here!

Catch a glimpse of the 8 Burger food truck in Miami and treat yourself to something incredible

After a successful run as a business offering home deliveries, and pick-ups, 8 Burger now launches an exciting new food truck in Miami, that features some incredible items.

A quick look back at 8 Burger

8 Burger is ready to serve its customers with a new food truck in Miami.

The business came to fruition when co-founder Jesus Daza and his brother Rafael Daza realized that despite its vibrant socio-cultural landscape and all the incredible cuisines that came together in Little Havana, what was lacking was a good burger.

With that idea in mind, Daza and his brother created 8 Burger. They finally found one that worked for their business through experimentation, innovation, testing and re-testing multiple recipes. It was a fantastic hit.

Since then, they’ve participated in all kinds of activities, events, concerts, and much more to help promote their burgers.

What’s exciting about the food truck

The latest growth spurt for 8 Burger is the 8 Burger food truck that features an incredible menu with its classic range of burgers and sides. They have multiple sides and various classics from their brick-and-mortar store in Calle Ocho on location. But the biggest feature is that they’re offering is their all-new catering service.

8 Burger is notoriously famous for its home deliveries.

Clients can book their food truck for different events, parties, concerts, and all kinds of special occasions, getting the team to serve their special menu items on the day of. It’s a great way to support local businesses while enjoying good old food for your event. The food truck can provide you with a specialized menu depending on what you require.

Check out their website here, and follow them on Instagram at @8burgermiami for more information and updates about their products and exciting new services.

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