5 Best Miami tours for tourists or locals

Miami tours are a great way to enjoy Miami and get around like a local with our help

Miami is one of the most gorgeous travel and tourism destinations in the world. Packed with culture, all kinds of entertainment, and tons of activities, it’s best enjoyed like a local. That’s why it’s a great idea to pick out a few of the best Miami tours and find the ones that match your interests.

There’s so much to do, so it helps to decide what kind of tour is best suited to you, your family, and your travel styles because there are plenty to choose from. From food-focused tours to segway or bike tours, walking tours, bus tours, and even seaplane tours, there’s a wide variety, and here are some of our favorite Miami tours:

1. Caro the tour guide’s authentic local experience

Led by the young, vivacious and energetic Caroline, aka @carothetourguide, will take you through Miami in incredible ways. She has elaborate tours by the end of which you’ll feel like you’ve lived in Miami for years. Her tours are mostly on bikes and segways, and she offers multiple tours a day, covering everything from history and culture to food and entertainment during them.

2. Various segway tours around Miami

Speaking of segway tours, these handy little mobility devices are actually quite the touring essential. Miami is hot, huge, and incredibly interesting, and you’ll be tired pretty quickly if you’re walking for hours on end. Segways are convenient because they help you conserve energy while still moving at a slow enough pace, and give you the same kind of visual and interactive experience as walking. You can sign up with Star Island Segway Tours, Panoramic Segway tours or other local Miami tours.

A photo of Bicentennial Park, located on Biscayne Boulevard in Miami.

3. Dr. Paul George's history of Miami tours

For all the history and culture enthusiasts, there’s nothing that tops the Dr. Paul George history tour. Specially designed to give you an in-depth historical experience and insight into the city, it’s led by one of the most qualified and experienced historians in the region. You can learn more about the tour here.

4. Little Havana Food and Cultural Tour

There are a few things as amazing as the Little Havana Food and Cultural Tour  by Miami Culinary Tours. Enjoy the rich culture and vibrant history of Little Havana while also stopping to eat some local delicacies and specialty foods such as Cuban sandwiches, desserts, and drinks.

5. Miami Skyline 90 minute tour

Lastly, there’s not enough recommending the wonderful Miami Skyline 90-minute tour that takes you through the city’s waterfront areas. The evening tour is one of the best because it’s a great opportunity to enjoy a romantic dinner, view the night sky, and watch Miami light up in the most incredible way. There are options for seaplane tours and boat tours that give you views of the skyline, depending on what your preferences are.

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