4 new and old tourist attractions in Miami in 2021

While Orlando may be home to the most magical place on earth, Miami is known as the magic city. This gorgeous, sprawling city has bits of everything. There is a wide range of tourist attractions in Miami worth checking out, from the best arts and culture attractions to natural landscapes and reserves to plenty of party spots.

Some of them have been around for a while, whereas others have popped up more recently. Here are our picks for some of the most popular tourist destinations—both old and new—in Miami that you can check out right away:

The Stunning Design District 

Miami is a creative paradise, and the beautiful Design District is a testament to the marvel of art and architecture. The neighborhood is not only home to unique architectural marvels, but some incredibly cool interventions and urban installations, interactive artwork including swings, and some of the most high-end stores and boutiques. It's a treat to walk through the area, observing all the incredible locations. 

While we're on it, you need to check out Miami's Art Deco District as well! It's another beautiful and historic location that you cannot miss. 

Miami's Gorgeous Venetian Pool

Declared a tourist attraction in 1924, almost a hundred years ago, the beautiful Venetian Pool in Miami's Coral Gables district remains a popular destination even today. You can head over for a lazy day by the water, soaking up some sun, or having a nice relaxing lunch on one of the stunning patios and grottos. The turquoise water sparkles under the hot Miami sun complemented by lovely little waterfalls, rock formations, and the humdrum of tourists.

Historic and Culturally Rich Little Havana

Little Havana is another historic location in Miami. Cultural capital for Cuban-Americans gives everyone who visits a taste of Cuban culture. There are dozens of businesses, including hotels, restaurants, boutiques, bars, and cigar shops, as well as street art, stunning buildings awaiting you in this beautiful little district. 

It's like stepping into an alternative reality right in the middle of Miami's hustle and bustle. Travelers and locals frequent this neighborhood taking tours of Little Havana—including the ever-popular food and walking tour.

The Super Instagrammable Superblue Miami 

Of course, what's the point of traveling in 2021 if you can't get Insta-worthy photos out of it? While there's more to life and travel than just getting gorgeous selfies, there's no denying how absolutely stunning Superblue Miami is. With some of the most mind-boggling installations and super cool interactive exhibits, it's the perfect place to head to with friends or family.

There are dozens of other activities and locations worth exploring around town. This includes the gorgeous Everglades National Park, South Beach Miami, plenty of restaurants and attractions—the list is endless! We're only just getting started, but don't worry.

We're here to update you on everything happening around Miami. Calle Ocho News brings you the most recent, exciting happenings across the city and helps you stay in the loop. From tours of Little Havana to the best restaurants, hotels, and much more, we've got great recommendations for travelers and tourists too. Check out our best of Miami section to know more.

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