3 Things to Know Before Visiting Miami

Miami is a city unlike any other in the United States. It’s entirely unique in terms of its culture, vibes, and architecture. Like, how many cities do you know of where grey skyscrapers rub shoulders with Art Deco boutiques, where taco stands are illuminated and decorated with neon lights, and where there are houses that are built entirely out of coral? Yes, these are some of the reasons why Miami is known as the “Magic City”. However, just like any other city, Miami has its own particular list of quirks and etiquette with which visitors and tourists should familiarize themselves with. Here are some important things to know before visiting Miami. 

The Locals Take Their Beach Etiquette Very Seriously

Visiting Miami and not seeing its iconic powdery, white sand beaches is like going to Rome and forgetting to see the colosseum—it just doesn’t happen. However, before you put on your bathing suit and hit the sand, there are a few things you should be aware of. You see, in Miami, there are some non-negotiable rules every beachgoer has to follow. 

One of the for sure things to know before visiting Miami, do not strip off your bathing suit unless you’re on a nudist beach. Miami has spots that are designated for that, such as Haulover Beach. Secondly, you have to be respectful of people’s sunbathing space. The Magic City has huge, sprawling beaches, so you shouldn’t have trouble finding your own spot. Thirdly, in Miami, it’s prohibited to drink in public areas, so even if it’s just one beer, just don’t. 

That Cutesy Coffee Is A Lot Stronger Than It Looks

Since more than half of the Miami populace is of Cuban heritage, medianoche croquetas, ice-cold mojitos, and dancing to live Salsa are very real parts of the Miami culture and experience. However, the biggest gift Miami has received from Cuba is the iconic cafecito—a tiny Cuban espresso served with little sugar and black. Although it may be small and harmless-looking, it packs a caffeine punch that will shake you out of your morning stupor in a heartbeat. You can easily find cafecito in one of the many ventanitas of Little Havana. 

In Miami, Parties Don’t Start Until Late

The Miami nightlife scene is famous all over the world, and you won’t be left disappointed. However, one of the most important things to know before visiting Miami is that parties start late—usually around midnight. If you arrive at the club before the clock strikes 00:00, don’t be surprised if it’s just you and the DJ. 

Moreover, clubs will continue pumping Latin hits and Hot 100s until the break of dawn. So, make sure you pace yourself if you’re planning to close out a club or bar. 

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