3 summer events to look forward to in Miami

If you’re dreading the summer heat in Miami, these summer events will cheer you up. Wait till you see how the glorious sun shines on the gorgeous city of Miami this summer to brighten up all the fantastic summer events. Your Little Havana tour won’t go in vain if you plan your itinerary well. And, as always, Calle Ocho News is here to walk you through the process with these amazing suggestions! 

You’ll find a mix of summer events for foodies, sports enthusiasts and athletes, sea lovers, environmentalists and frequent drinkers. Say goodbye to boredom and welcome a happening, fun-filled summer in Miami. 

Miami Spice 

You have till August 1, 2021 to prepare yourself for the ultimate gastronomic experience of your life. The Miami Spice festival is an incredible, month-long food festival that is going to blow your mind. It’s a one-of-a-kind event that gives locals and tourists a chance to enjoy some of the finest foods the city has to offer. 

You’ll see independent chefs, Michelin star restaurants, top hotels, and of course Miami’s street food scene light up to offer some of the most incredible deals in town. You get tons of options from the best of the best food joints across town, offering lunch, dinner, and brunch options at mind-boggling prices. 

Yep—that’s part of the charm of this food fest! You get to save tons and still make the most of your time here. 

This event brings together roughly 250 local eateries that display their three-course meals at subsidized rates for visitors. Some of the restaurants you can expect to see participating in this festival include fan favorites like Mr. Chow, Hakkasan, and Palme d’Or.

Watch the Miami Marlins 

If you’re a baseball fan, grab tickets to watch the Miami Marlins sprint across the newly-renovated stadium for as low as $10. What’s better than an ice-cold beer, your favorite snacks, and the thrill of watching the Marlins score a home run as the crowd goes wild? Absolutely nothing can top that, especially in the summer heat! It’s also the perfect outdoor activity in a post-COVID world. 

P.S. BACARDÍ is partnering up with the Miami Marlins to make things extra fun this season! 

Beach journaling and underwater cleanup Miami 

In all this fun and excitement, we still need to be mindful of the environmental degradation and suffering that our beaches are subjected to. From litter to loss of habitat, Miami’s beaches are plagued with so many issues it’s hard to keep track of them all. 

Whether you’re a local, or in town for a vacation, now is the time to give back. The exciting journaling, snorkeling, and underwater cleanup event is merely days away, and you have a chance play your part in  cleaning and preserving the ocean, saving the sea turtles, planting saplings, and clearing up the beach. 

So buckle up for the Miami Beach Journaling and Underwater Cleanup this summer. You also get to learn about @savethesharksorg and how this campaign works for shark conservation.

After all, Miami is nothing without its pristine beaches, and losing them to recklessness would be tragic. It’s both fun, and rewarding, and it’s the perfect activity to do as a family. 

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