3 Events in Miami to Look Forward to in August 2021

Miami is going to witness an incredible array of events in Miami and happenings all through the summer. We've already seen some incredible 4th of July celebrations, and there's a lot happening over the next few weeks too. 

If you're planning to travel to Miami in August, or you're looking for fun things to do over the next few weeks, the following events are worth checking out:

South Beach Bar Crawl

What's more exciting than a bar crawl? If you're in the mood to party, explore Miami, and get smashed; the South Beach Bar Crawl is where it's at. Get your party outfits on, prepare your stomach, and get your hangover drinks ready for the next day because you'll explore the best of the best bars across South Beach. 

The most exciting part about it is that you can also attend this event with your friends too, so get your gang together and head out. 

Free Comic Book Day

Get in character, and be prepared to grab a copy of your favorite comic book on 14th August 2021! You can check out the website to find which stores near you are participating and head over to participate on the day of. 

It's a family-friendly activity, and you can dress up with your kids too. Celebrate the heroes we love to read about and look up to with a free comic book—what could be more exciting?

Concerts and musical performances

While dates may be subject to change, you can expect to see various concerts by artists, including Green Day and DJ Snake, throughout August and the following months. It's the perfect chance to belt out to your favorite tunes and surround yourself with people you love and who love you! 

There's something almost magical about concerts, no matter what the genre, and after a year of canceled tours, missed concert dates, fear, and stress, we know we're ready to sing and dance all night long!

There are several local events and weekly events that you can check out too. From Little Havana tours that take you through the neighborhood's best events and locations to citywide tours and community events that frequent the streets, there's so much to do all the time.

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