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The best women lead brands in Miami

Celebrate female entrepreneurship by shopping from these women lead brands making up some of the smallcbusinesses in Miami

If you’re ever shopping in Miami or really doing anything that requires you to buy a service or product, why not supposed women lead and owned businesses in Miami? We have some incredible entrepreneurs and businesses offering top-of-the-line products and services, and you can help them grow with your purchase.

Here are some of the many incredible women lead businesses currently operating in Miami and definitely deserving of your support:

Grain of Sand by Aneth

Grain of Sand by Aneth is an incredible business, and we’ve talked about her inspiring journey before too. The business has been making waves, selling high-quality handmade, uniquely designed jewelry and making a statement. It’s a favorite for many Miami locals and jewelry enthusiasts worldwide, and people can’t get enough of the elegant yet boho-chic designs they offer. From necklaces to anklets, they have an incredible range for you to choose from.

Fashionista Collection

If you’re on the lookout for a gorgeous new outfit, @FashionistaCollection_ has got you covered. Ana has an excellent range of high-quality clothing items, curating and putting together custom looks and clothing items for their customers to choose from. She has an amazing variety to choose from, and though the business hit some hard times during the pandemic, its owner Ana Avellaneda has always stayed optimistic and believed that her business would flourish.

A female business owner makes notes and writes content in her diary.

Miami Culinary Tours

Miami Culinary Tours is a women lead business that offers Little Havana Tours by Grace, a strong-willed, talented business owner with an incredible entrepreneurial spirit. After hearing about COVID spreading across the country, she geared up and planned her move to online services, where she began expanding her business. She showed people how to make Mojitos and everyone loved it!

Although Grace has set up one of the most successful local tour companies, her business continues to stand out because she manages tours in Wynwood, Coral Gables, etc. She is knows as the biggest and most professional tour company on Calle Ocho by locals and tourists alike.

CBD & More

You might be surprised to learn that Miami has just been permitted to open its first marijuana dispensary, much to the joy and relief of many hopeful locals. However, well before that, CBD & More had been successfully running their wonderful little store in town, offering a wide range of CBD-based products. CBD has been linked to amazing health benefits and healing properties for years, and this brand specializes in high-quality products with these properties.

They have everything from topicals to gummies to cinctures, and if you’re on the lookout for alternative wellness products, it’s your go-to place for CBD and more.

Miami also has its very own Women’s Chamber of Commerce, which helps educate, empower, and support women lead business owners, providing networking opportunities, training, and funding opportunities as well.

There are dozens of other businesses in Miami that are women lead and owned by powerful boss-women and have some of the most fantastic products available. Your support for these businesses can make all the difference in the world, so don’t hesitate to show them you care!

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