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Winters in South Florida

Camping on the beach

It can be hard not to boast when you’re spending your winters in South Florida. While you put on sunscreen and prepare for a wild vacation, other people around America are battling annoying snowfalls. The wonderful climate during winters in South Florida is just one of the factors that can make your trip worth the time. 

Winters in South Florida can also offer some breath-taking experiences that can make the chilly weather extra special. 

Watch the Manatees

A manatee is a cute, gray, wrinkled, and blameless creature that looks like a giant blimp. It is gentle yet massive. Because of this odd combination, everyone loves manatees. When the temperature around Florida takes a plunge, these animals move towards a warmer climate, which usually means warm water. This can usually mean that they’re heading towards warmer waters, like a fresh water spring. 

In an area like this, the temperature stays at a constant 70 degrees throughout the whole year. Because of this reason, you can have the perfect chance to see wild manatees during the winters in South Florida. In rare spots around Florida, you can also snorkel and swim with manatees.

Enjoy Delicious Fruits

You have not tasted a more delicious orange until you’ve plucked one from a tree yourself. Because of the thrill and amazing taste this experience gives you, it’s definitely one thing you should definitely do if you’re spending your winters in Florida. These oranges are bursting with citrus flavors and are a pleasant delight to every person’s eyes and mouths. 

These oranges in Florida are the season’s fruits from fall till spring. To enjoy this experience, you can book a citrus grove tour which can give you amazing exposure to a colorful citrus plant. While you’re at it, you can also pluck some of these fruits or buy souvenirs to remember this trip!

Camping Weather

Since the winters in Florida aren’t as harsh as they are all across America, during the time you spend in Florida you can enjoy good camping weather. The beach factor makes things extra interesting because there are over 900 interesting campgrounds and more than 100,000 campsites. Some of the most popular camping sites in Florida are located on the beach. If you’re new to all of this, get a camping guide who can give you an expert’s opinion on the best camping spots in Florida. 

Theme Parks

Another reason why Florida is so famous amongst the American people during the winters is because there are several theme parks you can visit. The pleasant temperatures in these parks make them the perfect attraction for people who are looking to celebrate their holidays in a grand way. 

Disney World
This world-renowned park transforms your reality into a wonderland. There are several attractions that can keep you coming back for more. 

Universal Orlando
The Macy’s Holiday parade or the Blues Brother’s rock house – this park has everything that can make your children smile.

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