What is the Weather in Miami Like?

Miami has a tropical monsoon climate. Summers are hot, humid, and long; while winters are short, dry, and warm. So, if you want to plan a visit , then you should really be aware of the weather in Miami. 

Here's a breakdown of what the weather is like all-year-round so you can enjoy comfortable seasonal events in Miami.

Winter Months

The winter months in Miami range from December to February. There’s little to no rainfall, and Miami typically doesn’t face any cold waves since it’s down South. However, sometimes, cold air does hit Miami— but only for a couple of nights. The temperature on these nights ranges from 41-46F, while the days remain more pleasant with temperatures ranging from 64-68F. Daytime temperatures in Miami usually remain high, making the winter months comfortable and cozy. 

If you’re visiting Miami in the winter, we suggest you pack a couple of warm sweaters, beanies, and some boots—but forego the mittens, gloves, and heavy-duty coats. Based on the tourism scene, the best time to visit Miami is between early November and late April.


Spring is short-lived in Miami, ranging from between March and April. The weather is summery, but it’s not humid and sticky. Some of the best concerts in Miami, like Miami Music Week, take place during springtime, when the weather isn't too hot or too cool.

Summer Months

The summer months in Miami are all about serious sunshine and lasts from May to October. Though it does get scorching, the sultry sea breeze provides much relief from the hot weather. During the monsoon season, thunderstorms and rainfall are common, and may even be intense— but, for the most part, you'll never miss the sun.

The sunniest months are in March and April, with the least sunny months being in the winter. The skies are cloudy and scattered, and July is the hottest month of the year, with an average temperature of 82F. The best time to visit Miami is from early November to late April. The sea is warm during the summer months, making it ideal for long swims during the hot summer days. If you're visiting Miami in summer, pack a couple of swimsuits, tanks, shorts, sunscreen, sunglasses, and flip-flops for a comfortable trip.

Fall Months

The fall months are between October to November and are comfortable and cozy. Though the sun continues to shine, the sticky, hot heat of the summer has worn off. Instead, temperatures range from 77-73F between the two months, making it an ideal time to visit Miami. You can enjoy pumpkin patches and the best fall events, which include concerts and music festivals during these months. 

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