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Want to swim in Miami? Here are 5 places you can learn

From warm, indoor pools to private lessons, there are many ways to learn how to swim in Miami

Swimming is a necessary life skill that people of all ages should know. It’s not just a survival tactic, though. There are so many places to swim in Miami. The city is full of stunning beaches and pools that where can enjoy water sports and activities year-round!

Whether you’re an adult learning to swim for the first time or a parent seeking classes for your child, here are some places where you can learn to swim in Miami:

Ocaquatics Swim School

Group parent/baby programs, toddler, preschool, and school-aged sessions are all available at Ocaquatics’ five warm-water indoor pools in the Miami area. They are a top-notch swim school that emphasizes safety by teaching kids useful tips like swimming to the side of the pool if they accidentally fall in. At least one adult member must be present during the first three infant levels. All lessons last 30 minutes, excluding the junior swim team.

British Swim School

Everywhere you can find an LA Fitness, you can find a British Swim School offering lessons for people of all ages in the greater Miami area. The pools are heated and indoors, so the weather won't be an issue, and the teachers are friendly and encouraging. Classes start for infants as early as 3 months and go all the way up to adults. Every member of the family will find a class they enjoy at this swim school.

A parent teaching their baby how to swim.

Mischa’s Fishes Swim School

Private swim classes at Mischa's Fishes emphasize having a good time in the water using games, music, and toys to train students in all the necessary skills for swimming safely. Professional teachers bring all the necessary equipment to your home pool along with a customized lesson plan since every child follows a different pace.

You can start your child’s swimming training as early as 6 months of age and help them feel at ease in the water. They will learn the fundamentals of the sport alongside a parent or caregiver. For more advanced swimmers, the emphasis shifts to water safety, survival skills, and technique development.


Jack Nelson, an American Olympic swimming coach who has spent the previous half century living in Ft. Lauderdale, was the drive behind the city’s world-famous swim program. Since 1953, Aquachampions and Aquatots have been helping people of all ages learn to swim through their five-day intensive private sessions. The facility also provides a specialized swim program for children with autism, in addition to group sessions like the Baby & Me program.

Little Swimmers

Little Swimmers is a swimming school with five campuses (Miami, West Kendall, Pembrook Pines, and Homestead) that caters to students of all ages. The Red Cross-trained instructors create a warm and welcoming environment where students may learn to swim and gain aquatic confidence in a supportive and encouraging setting.

Students can expect to be proficient swimmers in just two weeks thanks to their tried-and-true curriculum. In addition to their regular schedule, they also provide private lessons, Mommy & Me sessions, and Special Needs programs right in the comfort of your own home so you can swim in Miami and be prepared for whatever waves life thows at you.

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