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U.S. Army Black Daggers honor healthcare workers

Leon Medical Centers Parachute Demonstration

The Special Operations Command Parachute Demonstration Team known as the Black Daggers paid tribute to the hard work of healthcare workers during the pandemic

On September 11, the United States Army Special Operation Command (USASOC) Parachute Demonstration team, also known as the Black Daggers, gave a salute to local healthcare workers via a parachute demonstration. They wanted to show appreciation to all the workers in the medical field who have been working tirelessly to take care of patients since the COVID-19 pandemic began in March. 

The tribute started with the United States Army Black Daggers jumping into Kendall Regional Medical Center in a collaboration with Leon Medical Centers in Miami on the morning of September 11. That same afternoon, the team jumped into the Miami Cancer Center at Baptist Health. 

leon medical black daggers - U.S. Army Black Daggers honor healthcare workers

Speaking on the purpose of the events, the team noted that the pandemic has put the United States to the test for months, presenting everyone with consistent obstacles that need to be overcome daily. At the forefront of the fight against those obstacles are healthcare workers who workday in and day out to save the lives of our loved ones, all while risking their own lives. 

Healthcare workers have been fighting this battle for months, facing an opponent that no one has figured out how to defeat yet. Still, medical workers are dedicating their time and effort to giving the best care possible to families during this time. 

The Black Daggers aimed to thank healthcare workers for their perseverance. The team partnered with the United States Army 2nd Recruiting Brigade to plan this salute to ensure its perfect execution. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to persist in the nation, healthcare workers must continue to be saluted for their hard and everlasting work.

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