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Leon Medical Centers helps Miami Seniors

Leon Medical Center

During the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, Leon Medical Centers, Miami’s leading healthcare services provider in serving Medicare patients, has launched and expanded many efforts to provide their best services to patients.

These efforts have included a 24/7 clinical service line, at-home COVID-19 testing and administration of complex injections, Telehealth consults with primary care physicians and specialists, at-home pacemaker monitoring, and meal delivery in Miami Dade County. 

Leon Medical Centers has seven locations located in or around Miami Dade County. These locations include Bird Road, East Hialeah Campus, Flagler, Kendall, Miami, West Hialeah, and Westchester. The company aims to offer “personal attention at all times,” establishing a standard of care that improves both patient-physician relationships and medical treatment.

leon1 - Leon Medical Centers helps Miami Seniors

As of April 30, Leon Medical Center has added another service to that list, in collaboration with phlebotomists, pharmacies, and transportation teams at the center. They have launched an at-home service program that sends phlebotomists to the homes of the high risk, most vulnerable patients. 

For reference, phlebotomists are trained to draw blood from patients for any sort of clinical or medical testing. At the homes of patients, they will draw blood necessary for the continued treatment of the patients. The patients are considered high risk due to their age and health conditions. 

This program is an extension of the Anti-Coagulation clinic that was already established and led by the pharmacy department at Leon Medical Center. It aims to keep the senior patients in the safety of their homes while providing them with quality care to ensure the best possible outcomes. 

In a statement, chairman and founder of Leon Medical Centers, Benjamin Leon Jr. said, “We continue to innovate and remain focused on providing medical excellence to our patients while keeping them in the safest possible environments—at home.”

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