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Three things to do in Downtown Miami

Frost Museum of Science

Luscious green gardens that take your breath away, the city’s most astonishing museum, and historic buildings for you to see – Downtown Miami has it all. What was once known as the 9 to 5 neighborhood notorious for business deals only, has transformed into a bustling junction that never goes to sleep.

The financial region still makes up a huge part of the city. It is well known for its plethora of cultural activities, dining experiences, and outdoor adventures that make you fall in love with Downtown Miami. 

Think trapezing, paddle boarding, laughter-filled nights, and a grand boutique shopping experience – here are some of the most enjoyable things to do in Downtown Miami. 

  • Frost Museum of Science

The Frost Museum is a 250,000-sq-ft property that cost a whopping $305 million to build. For a science geek or any person wanting to have their mind blown, it is one of the most ambitious places in the world. The museum is built like a campus and is split into four different sections:

  1. The Aquarium
  2. The Frost Planetarium
  3. The North Wing
  4. The West Wing

Visitors can spend hours treading through the journey mankind made from finding the first living organism to modern day intergalactic exploration. The interactive design of the lab has hours upon hours of enjoyment for kids and adults as well – but the planetarium is our personal favorite. 

It’s a 250-seat dome that is 67 feet tall. It will transport visitors into outer space with a visual system that can show 16 million colors. Because of these attractions, it can be almost impossible to find somewhere else to go, the Frost Museum of Science is one of the best museums you can find in Downtown Miami. 

  • Dance and Dine at Bayside

Going to Downtown Miami and not having a shopping spree is like not having a Cuban sandwich when you’re going to Little Havana – it’s something you just can’t do! The best retail therapy can be found at Bayside which is a two-story marketplace

Over here, you can find anything from designer shoes to Miami-themed fridge magnets, and you can enjoy all of this with a fringed view of the marina bay. But it is also worth noting that shopping isn’t the only reason people visit this famous spot. 

Craft cocktail bars, fish restaurants and live music performances are going to extend your stay for sure. 

  • Paddleboarding in Virginia Key

Amongst the gridlocked roads and the high rises, it might often feel like Downtown Miami is miles away from Mother Nature. But a trip to Virginia Key which is on the outskirts is a mangrove-lined, clear bay bursting with wildlife can help put things into perspective. The best way to explore is either with a kayak or a paddleboard. 

These kayaks can be rented from the outdoor center which can also give you a guided kayak classes, yoga classes, manatee safaris, and fishing trips. 

So, if you’ve thought of a trip to Downtown Miami – now is the time! Get reservations at your favorite spots and kill the curious cat within you! 

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