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Get Home Safe Claims on your side this hurricane season and beyond

 Home Safe Claims tells us why having reliable insurance and a great public adjuster on your side this hurricane season and beyond is so important

Eduardo Rodriguez-Delgado, co-founder of Home Safe Claims LLC, who has been a public adjuster since 2015 gave us a glimpse into the home insurance business.  He shared some valuable information and tips that will come in handy this hurricane season for many homeowners that don’t know their insurance rights.

Because Home Safe Claims is known for navigating the claims process in an educational manner that is client-focused their customers’ best interests are always in mind.  In many cases, even if it means them spending more time and effort researching and disputing the best settlement for some cases more than others, they always do what it takes and treat each case independently.

Things you should consider this hurricane season and beyond:

Importance of good insurance when it’s time to make a claim

A homeowner’s insurance policy covers accidental damages that can occur during hurricane season or any time of year which means wear and tear, or deterioration is not covered. Insurance providers will not pay you just because something has gone old. On the contrary, your premium entitles you to be able to repair or replace any damages caused to your collateral as a result of accidents or natural disasters.

Once a claim is made the burden of proof falls on the insurance company. If the insurance company cannot provide evidence, they must give the homeowner the payout that the homeownerc laims is the actual cost.

Policy limits are a big game changer according to Delgado who advises homeowners to be weary of cheaper policies that carry unreasonable limits. It is very common for homeowners to choose saving money at a closing versus a more expensive policy with higher limits, but these decisions can prove to be very costly in the long run.


Hiring Home Safe Claims can make all the difference

There are many reasons why people use public adjusters like Home Safe Claims during hurricane season. Some good examples are when the insurance company's adjuster is not providing adequate support or communication, not adequately addressing all the damages, or not offering a fair settlement. In other cases, if the policyholder does not feel like they have the time or knowledge to properly navigate the claims process on their own they can rely on having someone on their side.

While insurance companies will take your insurance fees and provide you with a suitable policy, public adjusters like Home Safe Claims go a step further. They make sure homeowners get the money they deserve based on the terms of their policy and the damages caused during hurricane season or anytime of year.

Delgado says it is unfortunate that public adjusters have earned a bad reputation, especially in South Florida. The fear of being taken advantage of discourages people from making insurance claims. A big misconception is the idea that making a claim will increase your premium. This is a concept that comes from the car insurance industry and does not apply to homeowners insurance. As a result,the fear of paying expensive premiums drives them away from claiming the money they rightfully deserve.

A Home Safe Claims public adjuster estimates the cost of getting your property to pre-loss condition, negotiates with the insurance company, and then arrives at a settlement. They try to get the maximum possible settlement so that the homeowner can make the repairs on their own account.

An important thing that many homeowners don’t know is that once they get the payout, if the repairs are not made and there is a future claim on the sameit is now excluded from being covered. So, if you get a leak in the same kitchen after you’ve already made a claim, and you didn’t make the initial repair the insurance provider won’t pay you a second time.

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