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Gus Cabrera, President of the Robust Latin Builders Association Constructs History for us

Gus Cabrera gives us some insight on his history with the Latin Builders Association as well as some of their most notable achievements

Founded in 1971 by a small group of Cuban exiles, the Latin Builders Association (LBA) has just marked 51 years of existence and service. We had the opportunity to chat with Gustavo ‘Gus’ Cabrera, President of LBA and Principal of Evergreen Group, and talk about everything from the history to the future of LBA and his own role in the organization.

Who is Gus Cabrera?

With a background in underground construction and engineering, Gus Cabrera started his career at MasTec, the largest Hispanic-controlled infrastructure contractor in the US. During his time as an executive there, he joined the LBA, where he has been a member for over 20 years.

Over time he became a part of the Executive Board and was approached for the presidency. He has been in this position for the past 6 months, before which he served as the President-Elect.

He has big plans for the LBA and wants to help the organization grow rapidly under his leadership. In fact, he’s also introduced an NFT for the organization too.

A photo of Gus Cabrera posing with a painting on his wall.
President Gus Cabrera NFT Contribution to the Latin Builders Association

Where the Latin Builders Association is headed

Seeing as how Miami is a real estate town, the Latin Builders Association (LBA) now extends membership to many stakeholders in the industry, from architects, builders, and contractors, to law firms, insurance companies, trade vendors, equipment renters and manufacturers, and many more. In fact, it’s become more of a chamber of commerce for all the different companies involved in the building industry.

Cabrera plans to take the organization in a more expansive direction, being more involved in legislation and policymaking. He emphasizes how important and beneficial it is to everyone involved to make the construction process faster, which begins with making the permitting process more efficient and predictable and thus will  cost the builder less money, making  the end product cheaper for buyers too.

Additionally, he expands on how workforce housing and other incentives can bring relief to the skyrocketing rates of property and the growing housing crisis affecting Miami-Dade locals.

Among incentives that Cabrera hopes to push forward for builders from Miami-Dade include tax breaks and other solutions for more accessible  housing in the long run.

There is certainly a lot of promise and many hopes for mutually-beneficial solutions and you can keep up with the activities of the association through their website.

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