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The Most Influential Football Players Who Played for the Miami Dolphins

Celebrated football players that have been a part of the Miami Dolphins all through its history, and we're here to honor some of them today

There's no denying that the Miami Dolphins have had one of the most illustrious journeys as a major league team in the NFL. With some incredible wins and some terrible seasons, the team has seen some of the greatest football players come and go through their ranks over time. In fact, they've even had some of the most well-respected coaches in the NFL, like Don Shula, be a part of their journey.

Among their incredible list of star athletes, some of the most influential football players to have been a part of the team include the following:

Cameron Wake

Known for his iconic stadium entrances and his always-on-point hair played a major role in his star persona and his incredible sports career. Although Wake didn't see a lot of team success, he remains one of the greatest players in the Dolphins' history.

He started playing professionally when he was 27 and got through eight history-book-worthy seasons out of his ten seasons with the team. Wake also built a reputation for himself in two prior Canadian Football Leagues when he sacked the quarterback a whopping 39 times and his 98 sacks for Miami. It's beyond impressive, to say the least.

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Larry Csonka

Larry Csonka became a leading rusher in a squad that took a specifically run-heavy offensive approach to their game. It worked well for them, considering that they qualified for three respective Super Bowls and took the title home in two.

The Hall of Fame inductee was a two-time All-Pro and had the very talented Mercury Morris in the backfield with him. Towering at 6-foot-3 and nearly 240 pounds, the fullback was crucial to the Dolphins' ball control. Despite his size, Csonka was exceptionally talented and skilled, and in 11 seasons of playing, he fumbled just 21 times.

Ed Newman

Newman was a part of 113 games for Miami, playing in the offensive line, usually as a right guard. Ed had a natural talent as an offensive lineman but improved even more as his professional career went on.

During his last four years in the NFL, he made it to the Pro Bowl and was a first-team All-Pro during his last professional season. But that's not all he was doing during this incredible moment in his sports career; Newman was simultaneously attending night school for law and now presides as a county court judge in our very own Miami.

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