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The Miami Book Fair goes virtual!

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The iconic Miami Book Fair knon as a celebration of a diverse group of Miami authors and writers is now a free virtual event that you can attend in November.

After 37 years, the Miami Book Fair, presented by Miami-Dade College, will now be virtual due to the pandemic. The free event will occur on Nov. 15 until the 22 as a week-long celebration of the culture of books, writers, and authors in downtown Miami. 

The event’s facilitators have been working tirelessly to remain connected with writers and authors in the Miami community and around the world to prepare for this event. They did this by attending online events and conversations with authors, including the annual Miami Writers Institute, the Little Haiti Book Festival, and a writing workshop called Speak Up: Teen Creative Writing.

Through these connections, the team has put together a still-growing list of over 200 authors and moderators for the event. The headliner of the event is Margaret Atwood, author of the well-renowned novel The Handmaid’s Tale

In addition, the book fair will feature programs in many languages in order to promote inclusivity. Such languages include English, Spanish, and Haitian Creole. The program will feature a variety of genres, including fiction, history, poetry, and others.

Signature programs like the “Evenings With” series, the Ibero American program, and the Read Caribbean program will return on a virtual platform as well. These programs aim to provide a fun learning experience to children, which has been the goal of the Miami Book Fair all along, according to the program director Lissette Mendez.

“We have built a program that introduces more than 20,000 children each year to books and writers, instilling in each of them a love for reading that will support their educational pursuits”

Lissette Mendez

In addition to the event, there will be a virtual marketplace for booksellers and other vendors to sell their products, as a replacement for the street fair that usually takes place. 

You can register for the event on the Miami Book Fair website. For more information, visit the Miami Book Fair Instagram page

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