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The best alcoholic drinks to quench your thirst in Miami's heat

The best alcoholic drinks are perfect for summertime in Miami when you just want to cool down

Miami is one of the hottest cities in the country right now, and whether you're in town for a vacation or you live here and want to try something fun, the best alcoholic drinks and beverages  which are perfect for the weather.

Try the best alcoholic drinks and keep cool all summer long:

A classic Carta Blanca aka Cuban Rum

Nothing beats a classic, timeless Cuban rum, and Carta Blanca is the perfect choice for the summer. Drink this delicious rum on the rocks because it really doesn't need anything else. The banana, mint, and hints of vanilla make this rum one of the richest, most delicious options for the summer weather. You can also pair this with some other variations of classics like a vanilla coke which will enhance the vanilla in this liqueur. 

Minty fresh mojitos

Mojitos are another popular Cuban drink that are perfect for hot summer days and definitely one of the best alcoholic drinks. Made using mint, rum, lime, sugar, and sometimes other ingredients, they're the perfect combination of sweetness, sourness, and minty freshness. You can make large pitchers of mojitos for BBQs, parties, and just a casual summer day on the patio.

Super refreshing cucumber margarita

Cucumbers don't just belong in sandwiches and salads; they also belong in margaritas. Use high-quality tequila, fresh lime, and cucumbers, agave nectar, and enjoy a drink that is so refreshing without being overwhelmingly sweet. The cucumber has a sharp, vegetarian flavor (despite being a fruit), while the nectar and lime juice enhance this drink's flavor profile.

A tall glass with a colorful blueberry lemonade with lemon wedges inside.

Guava rum cocktails

Guava is a popular flavor in many desserts and some of the best alcoholic drinks, and they're an excellent flavor for rum cocktails. You can make them using fresh guava puree, guava-flavored syrup, and even delicious guava ice cream like Azucar's soft serve that will create a rum float. It's a delicious flavor that adds a fruity, tropical warmth to the richness of rum, and makes for the perfect summertime drink for your home. You can spend all day by the pool while sipping on this delicious cocktail.

Fruity vodka watermelon cocktails

What says summertime more than watermelon? You can enjoy a delicious watermelon and vodka cocktail, experimenting and playing around with different ingredients to make it. You can use watermelon-flavored syrup or watermelon juice with vodka, or even freeze watermelon slices, and blend them with ice, vodka, some lime, and a little honey for a rich, slushie-like drink. It's the one of the best alcoholic drinks that are a perfect boozy drink you can have at parties or lunch.

Mouthwatering blueberry margaritas

Last but not least, you absolutely need to add a blueberry margarita to the list of perfect summer drinks. Tangy but sweet, blueberry syrup, fresh or frozen varieties can all work for this drink. Get your blueberry base, some delicious tequila, lime or lemon wedges, ice, and sea salt for the edges of your glass, and create yourself the drink of your dreams!

These alcoholic drinks are bound to give you the kick you need while also keeping you cool and relaxed all summer long. However, if you're not in the mood to make your own, try these must-have drinks at Miami's most popular bars. Get more recommendations for food and drinks in Miami through our platform, as we also share other updates, including news, events, and much more.

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