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TechHire Miami calling for Miami High School students

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Underserved students can enroll in a program to learn gaming and coding and get paid while doing it with TechHire Miami

TechHire Miami is on a mission to connect young adults ages 15 to 24 with technology careers, increasing their passion and giving them a purpose in the industry. Part of this mission includes a technology boot camp where underprivileged high school students can earn up to $500.

The six-week program will run from June 15 to August 14 and is open to 1,000 high school sophomores, juniors, and seniors. It is entirely virtual due to the current pandemic. Students will participate in accelerated learning programs, including networking, cyber security, gaming, and web development. 

Students will earn a $300 stipend for attending and could earn an additional $200 if they pass the National IT Certification. The program had a 90 percent pass rate last summer. 

A huge part of the creation of this virtual platform is a $1.5 million investment from CareerSource South Florida, a public-private partnership that establishes workforce developments for Miami-Dade and Monroe County. Other partners include Miami-Dade and Monroe County Public Schools, FVI School of Technology, and others. 

miami tech 3 - TechHire Miami calling for Miami High School students

According to co-chair of TechHire Miami, the partners worked together to create a platform that aims to change the way that young adults think about careers in technology in South Florida. 

“It creates the awareness that there are tech jobs available and even though they are not in big companies, like Google or Amazon, there are companies in South Florida that have available jobs,” said Gimun. 

The program aims to open student’s eyes to the opportunity in the technology industry within South Florida, as well as give them the skills needed for these jobs. Beyond skills training, the program aims to enrich students’ confidence.

“The program breaks down the idea that you must be a math wiz to work in computers,” said Gimun. “All you truly need is diligence and grit.”

While virtual, Gimun notes that the program is made to be engaging. There will be limited hours each day, the instructor will be live, and there will be interactive exercises for the students to participate in. 

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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many of these students cannot work their typical summer jobs due to health precautions. This means, in most cases, they are unable to contribute to their family financials. The TechHire Miami program can be a replacement for those jobs, as well as a push towards the technology industry to better students’ futures. 

“Our economy in South Florida is built on pillars: travel, tourism, and restaurants. These are the industries that have been hit the hardest and are going to be slow to come back,” said Gimun. 

“Students must explore other options.”

Gimun advises students to open their eyes to the world of technology careers, and notes that parents should pay special attention to this opportunity. 

Sign up before June 15 at this website. For more information, you can visit TechHire Miami’s Instagram and Twitter pages. 

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