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Restaurants are Implementing More Ventanitas and Parklets Due to COVID-19

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A breakdown of the design of restaurants now that ventanitas and parklets are becoming more common

Design company Plusurbia has been working hard recently as more and more restaurants are looking to them to help put up parklets and “Ventanitas” to increase business in a way that is safe and legal during the COVID-19 pandemic. Plusurbia is rooted in designing ways that can connect cities and neighborhoods and create lasting value in areas all over the country. 

In a post-COVID-19 world, ventanitas and parklets are valuable because they allow people to eat at or order from their favorite restaurants while still following social distancing guidelines and preventing the spread of COVID-19. 

Flex ventanitas are pick-up windows that Plusurbia can build by attaching them to a door frame. These can also be built completely detached from the restaurant, to accommodate for different service times, like lunch and dinner. Ventanitas have frames and platforms that are made from plywood and a plastic shield guard, which separates the customer from the employee taking their order. 

VEntanita - Restaurants are Implementing More Ventanitas and Parklets Due to COVID-19
Plusurbia Design

While ventanitas focus on takeout options, parklets are for restaurants in places where outdoor dining is currently allowed. These can be implemented in place of traditional street parking spots. Plusurbia uses Perennial flowers, succulent plants, concrete planters, and wooden furniture and decking to spruce up the look of the parklets and make customers feel the restaurant vibe.

Ventanitas and parklets were created to ease the adaptation of restaurants in the Miami area, allowing customers and businesses to embrace the “New Normal”. For example, Harry’s Pizza has built a flex ventanita into their doorframe, allowing for a temporary pick-up window. El Bagel has done the same. 

Shake Shack has decided to use a detached version of the flex ventanita to create different stations for customers to order and pick up their food. Finally, the Majestic Hotel has used a portion of the street outside of their business to create a parklet that allows for additional outdoor seating options. 

All images are made possible by Plusurbia Design.

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