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Jessica Londono and her new beauty bar on 8th

Spa Lash Miami Calle Ocho

Learn all about Spa Lash and why you should visit Jessica Londono at her location on Calle Ocho

Jessica Londono owner of Spa Lash a new beauty and wellness business in Little Havana, located right on Calle Ocho wants you to pay her a visit. Considered a “hidden oasis,” Spa Lash aims to provide services that will help you relax, heal, and remain calm all while making you feel beautiful. You can get a facial, wax, and even eyelash extensions. In the future you can also use the space for your next intimate gathering, as it doubles as a studio space.

Spa Lash has a long list of services for you to choose from, provided that you make an appointment first. These include classic eyelash extensions of Russian volume or mega volume, Korean and full facials, chemical peels, body waxing, and more. 

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According to Jessica Londono The business also offers memberships of different prices for you to consider. The first is the $25 monthly membership, which gets you unlimited bikini waxes. The $45 membership gets you a one-hour luxury Korean facial. Next is the $59 monthly membership which includes a full set of classic lashes for six months. The final membership is $299 per month, including one weekly private yoga session and a complimentary Reiki session. 

In addition to these deals, members also receive 10 percent off of the entire menu during active memberships.

“Allow us to help you transform your inner and outer world while you reflect your highest vibration out into the universe. Spa Lash wants to celebrate your mind and its beauty while making your outer beauty equal to your inner beauty."

Jessica Londono

Spa Lash is open seven days per week and is located at 1356 SW 8 Street. Potential customers can text 305-927-5898 to make an appointment. You can also visit the company’s Instagram (@spalashservices).

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