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Raquel Ortiz, a story about ambition and passion

raquel ortiz

The road to healing is never easy

kelistudio - Raquel Ortiz, a story about ambition and passionRaquel Ortiz, simply known as Keli, teaches Hot Pilates at Hot Yoga House Miami. Her road to the Hot Pilates techniques wasn't an easy one, but here she is doing a great job and being a wonderful teacher.

Raquel grew up in a creative and artistic environment. Her mother is a well-known actress in her country, her godfather was a film director and her grandmother was the editorial director at a newspaper. Being raised around TV studios and around the newspaper's offices, Raquel began to practice modeling, acting, dancing, painting, photography and even writing. While in Puerto Rico, she started to teach High Impact Step Aerobics and Spinning classes and continued to do this after she moved to Miami.

Later, she got a degree in Advertising Design from the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale and then she was hired as the Art Director of Ocean Drive Magazine. Seven years later she started working as a Wardrobe Stylist in collaboration with the Next Agency and shortly after this she opened her own company Keli Inc., where she passionately worked hard and developed her styling career.

After two knee surgeries and two difficult years of recovery, she discovered pilates and this changed her life.

It took two long years of recovery, depression and self acceptance, that's when I discovered pilates! This really changed my life and thank God for pilates. I am walking again, said Raquel.

After she fully recovered, she gave up pilates and discovered the Bikram Yoga. Two years into the Bikram Yoga she wanted to try something new. So Raquel applied for a "Hot Pilates" Teacher Training.

I knew right then and there it was my calling and I was ready to teach again. Ever since I finished the teacher training, I have been dedicating my time to teaching in various studios in Miami and my goal is to be able to inspire those who don't feel good enough to perform a strong workout, she mentioned.

Now, Raquel has many projects in mind, including fashion and fitness related projects. She promised that this time she will take it easy and take care of her health so she can take care of the others around her.

Her very special classes focus on joints and muscles by teaching low impact exercises. Her goal is to improve the overall health of her students by connecting their mind and body. She also wants to inspire and "teach" lessons about ambition and about the power of not giving up.

Don't forget that you can join Raquel's classes at Hot Yoga House Miami

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