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Rainbow Art Class, transforming the lives of children

Rainbow Art Class May 2019 - Rainbow Art Class, transforming the lives of children

Free art classes are held for children from Little Havana at Futurama Art Gallery every month.  This project, called Rainbow Art Class, has been created thanks to the great efforts of many folks in this great community including Pati Vargas Entertainment and LHLH (Live Healthy Little Havana) with the intent of giving our children the opportunity to get involved with moldable art.

RAINBOW DOMINO - Rainbow Art Class, transforming the lives of childrenThis initiative was born out of the interest displayed by both children and their parents to involve kids in the world of art and to give them a way to express themselves culturally in which they occupy some of their free time with educational activities that will enrich their intellect as well. During the development of this project they have been able to count on the support and sponsorship of such contributors as Blick art materials, ChurroManía, 3 Dough Five, PsychSolutions, Inc., Calle Ocho News, Art of Black Miami and last but not least the GMCVB.

The cultural heritage of Little Havana is one of the hallmarks in our community’s character, and it is because of this that most of the events that are carried out are permeated with art. For this reason, there is an ardent need to preserve that cultural thread in younger generations.  Children, in this instance, have been the main players in demonstrating an interest in learning professional painting techniques in their free time and what may have been an obstacle in the past by not having financial resources to access painting workshops dictated by great artists, nowadays has been resolved by the work and organization of the groups that belong to and make their livelihood in the community.

At present, Rainbow Art Class, offers one art class a month, however the goal is to expand the number of classes and facilitate them more often while integrating a dance and music program as well.  This new addition would guarantee greater participation and presence of attendees in more locations throughout the area. The next class will be held August 10th at Futurama Art Galleries. RAINBOW FIDEL - Rainbow Art Class, transforming the lives of children

The children and youth of Little Havana are the driving force of the community and that is why it is so important to give them the momentum to go on to fulfill their dreams; it is essential that we provide them with the tools that will help them have a happy and healthy childhood. In each event we have seen the enthusiasm and appreciation of these children for this work and that is the best motivator that we have to carry out this project. 

About Live Healthy Little Havana

Live Healthy Little Havana is an initiative aimed at making this historic neighborhood a healthier place to live. The initiative, which launched in 2014, focuses on bringing the community together, following a strategic plan of action, increasing coordination, and making change that improves the health of Little Havana residents. Health Foundation of South Florida, a nonprofit grantmaking organization, is providing the project up to $3.75 million in support over the first six years of the initiative.

About the Health Foundation of South Florida

The mission of Health Foundation of South Florida is to invest in and be a catalyst for collaborations, policy and systems change that improves the health of South Florida communities, with a focus on vulnerable, low to moderate income populations. Established in 1993, the nonprofit foundation has awarded over $125 million to nonprofits providing programs and services in Broward, Miami-Dade and Monroe Counties. For more information, visit h and follow @HealthSFL.

Written by; Daniela Romero

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