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Surprise your family with these non-traditional Thanksgiving recipes

Host a dinner everyone will remember with these thanksgiving recipes

Thanksgiving is just not the same without following a few traditions, whether it’s having warm pumpkin pie or roasted turkey. But this year, you can change things up a bit on the dinner table by adding a few non-traditional Thanksgiving recipes to your menu.

Get ready to surprise everyone with these great Thanksgivng recipes!

Bacon-wrapped turkey

How about we start with a turkey recipe that’ll become the centerpiece of your table? Whatever you add bacon to becomes heavenly. So, take its magic and wrap the turkey in bacon-ey goodness!  Just go with your traditional turkey recipe and wrap it up with bacon strips. Next, foil it up and bake it in the oven till it’s nice and crispy.

Here’s the complete recipe for you.

thanksgiving turkey

Palak Paneer

Do you know what’ll be a pleasant addition to your Thanksgiving table? This Indian vegetarian dish with spicy spinach and cottage cheese. Healthy, yummy, and bursting with flavor, this will be gobbled down before you know it!

Shrimp creole

What’s a festive dinner without some fancy seafood? Try this Louisiana staple this Thanksgiving. Shrimp creole consists of fresh tomatoes, celery, onions, bell peppers, and cayenne seasonings.

Grilled green beans

Who can pass on the deliciousness of grilled beans? If you have a grill, you can begin by placing a foil over it and grilling the beans. But first, sauce ‘em up in soy sauce, chilli garlic paste, honey, red chilli flakes, and oil. Oh, and don’t forget to garnish them with roasted garlic and sesame seeds!

Chicken pot pie

There’s nothing as comforting as a pot of chicken pie with a buttery crust, diced chicken, carrots, peas, and onions. Of course, you can get this pre-made from a grocery store but making one from scratch is ultimately the better choice.

Try making this staple of Thanksgiving recipes and enjoy comfort food at its best.

Chilli oil smashed potatoes

For the love of potatoes, this dish will be a delight on the table. Enjoy crispy smashed potatoes that are splashed with a good amount of chilli oil. Plus, it’s a pretty simple dish to make! You just need boiled potatoes and chilli oil (either homemade or store-bought). You can even sprinkle your favorite seasonings on top for a twist.

Korean fried chicken

The ever-so-delicious candy chicken (or Korean Fried Chicken) will be a favorite at a family dinner. With a crunchy exterior coated in a sweet and spicy sauce, this chicken appetizer gives a nice addictive kick of heat and sweetness.

Vegetable casserole

Add a warm vegetable delight to your table for something healthier and heartier this Thanksgiving. Sure, chicken casserole rules, but this vegetable version that combines two classic French dishes (potatoes au gratin and ratatouille) is definitely worth a try.

Rosemary stuffed mushrooms

Add this herb-infused appetizer to your table and let its aroma fill the room. All you need are bite-sized mushrooms that are stuffed with fresh rosemary, cheese, and bacon. A crowd pleaser for sure, there’s no one who wouldn’t love this simple yet healthy and aromatic dish.

Mascarpone mashed potatoes

Ditch regular mashed potatoes, and go with Mascarpone ones. These are easy to make, richer in taste, and a perfect side dish for every occasion and every table.  

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