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Miami Nightlife: 6 things to do if you don't like clubbing

The Miami nightlife is about more than just flashy parties and loud clubs

Miami nightlife is nothing short of legendary, but what if you're not the clubbing type? What about the people who like sipping on cocktails quietly, without the music and noise? Luckily, the city has a lot to offer if you'd rather not go clubbing with total strangers.

Here are some of the other fun ways to take part in the Miami nightlife we all love!

Check out the local dive bars

Even though dive bars get a bad rep for being lairs for shady characters, their laid-back atmosphere makes them great places to meet like-minded individuals. The variety of craft beer at these bars is unrivaled, and the music is at an ideal volume for friendly conversation. Popular spots known for their Miami nightlife include The Corner in west downtown Miami, Gramps in Wynwood, and Sandbar in Coconut Grove.

A taste of Cuba in Calle Ocho

Calle Ocho can often feel overrun by tourists. But by the time night falls, the buses have long since left, and the streets are bustling with visitors seeking a taste of Cuba. Stop by any ventanita for some authentic Cuban coffee. Enjoy the live music, get a freshly rolled cigar and a mojito from a sidewalk bar, and immerse yourself in Cuban culture at the many restaurants and cafes in the area.

Sip on the finest handcrafted cocktails in the country

Despite the city's notoriety for $20 vodka-soda specials and $12 light beer specials, it also boasts some of the most innovative bartenders in the country. Stop by Café la Trova, where American Bartender of the Year Julio Cabrera serves inventive twists on traditional Cuban drinks. You can also visit Jaguar Sun in the downtown Miami nightlife scene for tropical drinks and punchbowls.

A person singing at a karaoke bar.

Break out your best karaoke vocals!

Looking to live it up like a pop star for a change? At Titanic's Restaurant & Brewery, every Sunday is open mic night, where patrons can grab a mic and sing their hearts out in exchange for $3 shots. On Mondays, head to Better Days for a corporate happy hour, while on Thursdays, head to George's on Sunset for a wilder crowd.

Catch the sunrise at South Pointe Park

Watching the sunrise in South Pointe Park will either make you feel incredibly rejuvenated or very sleepy after a night on the town. Either way, it's a serene escape from the bustle of the downtown area. Whether you're sitting on a hilltop overlooking the city's glimmering skyline or wading waist-deep in the ocean, you'll get to see the soft purples and oranges emerging from the horizon as the sun comes up.

Cozy up with a date at Soundscape Park.

Soundscape Park in Miami Beach is an alternative to going to a regular movie theater for a date night or family evening. It features a lawn where people can spread out blankets and chairs to watch movies and live performances. The huge venue features nighttime movies projected on the New World Center's 7,000square foot projection wall. 

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