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DeSantis signs bill banning medical marijuana at Florida recovery residences, sparks controversy

Governor Ron DeSantis triggers a heated debate on patient rights and cannabis policies with his controversial takes on medical marijuana.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who is also a 2024 Republican presidential candidate, has stirred controversy by signing a bill that prohibits the use of medical marijuana in recovery residences across the state. This decision, which contradicts doctor recommendations, has raised concerns regarding patient rights and cannabis policies. The governor's recent actions surrounding marijuana have garnered attention and criticism, prompting a closer look at his stance on this controversial issue.

A blow to patient rights at Florida recovery residences

In a surprising move, Governor DeSantis signed SB 210, a bill that explicitly forbids residents of sober living facilities from possessing or using medical marijuana, even if they have a doctor's certification. The legislation mandates that recovery residences affirm their prohibition of cannabis, regardless of its therapeutic benefits recognized under state law. The law singles out medical marijuana, as other doctor-prescribed pharmaceutical medications remain permitted.

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Governor DeSantis' controversial views on cannabis policy

Governor DeSantis's position on marijuana has faced scrutiny since his entrance into the presidential race. He recently declared his opposition to decriminalizing cannabis, citing concerns about its impact on the workforce, productivity, and potential health risks if contaminated.

His stance has drawn criticism, including from Democratic presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. While DeSantis has acknowledged the benefits of Florida's medical marijuana program for military veterans, he has raised concerns about recreational use and abuse.

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