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Young adults find medical marijuana more helpful than regular anxiety and depression medication

Medical marijuana is gaining popularity among young adults due to its stress-relieving qualities.

Since 2021, the global COVID-19 pandemic has triggered a wave of anxiety and depression among young adults in the U.S., namely Generation Z and millennials. Anxiety and depression in young adults have risen by 25% over the past few years.

Desperate to find relief from their emotional distress, many individuals have been using medical marijuana. This is mostly why sales of cannabis reached $30 billion in 2021, up 40% from 2020. In 2026, the United States is predicted to account for 75% of the cannabis market worldwide.

Medical marijuana helps students stay mentally healthy

Anxiety and ADHD have overlapping symptoms, so it's not surprising that treating anxiety could help people with ADHD. People with serious depression and anxiety disorders are often given selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs).

When it comes to combating her anxiety and despair, a computer science major and third-year UF student Tatiana Tipton has found that cannabis has been more beneficial than conventional medicine. Daniela Ifju, a senior at UF majoring in criminology, has revealed that she deals with a number of mental health issues, including OCD, ADHD, anxiety, persistent depressive disorder, and major depression. Both students saw significant improvements in their mental health after using medical marijuana.

CBD oil bottles and crushed cannabis

Cannabis as an alternative to ADHD medication

There are anti-anxiety drugs for depression, but they may cause other problems, such as less libido, nausea, and weight gain. Cannabis usage can result in addiction, although, unlike amphetamines, it has not been shown to be lethal if used in high doses.

Studies on the potential benefits of marijuana for medical purposes are still underway. There's no denying that cannabis has some positive effects on mental health, but anyone considering trying it out should do their research and get advice from a specialist first.

Have you ever used medical marijuana to ease anxiety, depression, or other mental health symptoms? What do you think of this development in cannabis consumption? Comment down below; we’d love to hear your thoughts on this.

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