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Man arrested for a voyeurism act at Walmart

The man was arrested for voyeurism after he was caught on camera placing his phone underneath the victim’s dress

After a man was captured on camera in a voyeurism act at the North Lauderdale Walmart, authorities from the Broward Sheriff’s Office started looking for the offender.

Fortunately, the hunt has finally come to an end, and the man, identified as Ciano Brown, has been arrested by the officials.

Here’s more on this incident.  

Voyeurism at Walmart?

 The surveillance video retrieved from the store shows a man placing his camera underneath a woman's dress on September 9, around 6:45 p.m. The suspect can be seen wearing a dark-colored outfit and a baseball cap, striding toward the victim. At the time of the incident the victim was shopping in the cosmetic aisle in the store, wearing a floral dress.

Brown can be seen holding his phone and extending his arm beneath the victim’s dress. The footage shows Brown trying to videotape or click pictures of the victim in a compromising position without her consent and knowledge.

After viewing the surveillance video, Broward Sheriff’s Office detectives recognized this man as Ciano Brown, a 30-year-old man.

The arrest

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As per reports, this isn’t the first time Brown has faced voyeurism charges; he faced similar charges last year in February. Brown was at Aventura Mall’s Guess store taking photos of a sales associate's undergarments when the victim, who was also the sales manager, caught him in the act..

After inspecting the surveillance tape, Brown was arrested. Besides facing charges for his stunt, Brown was also banned from the mall for life.  

The officials were searching for Brown and even asked the public for help after the incident at Walmart.

On Sunday, September 26, the South Floridian man, was taken into custody at the Broward jail. He’s now facing charges for the crime he committed on September 9 at the North Lauderdale Walmart.

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