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The Rising Miami Sea Level

Local news in Miami has consistently reported for the last few years that the sea levels around the city are rising to dangerous proportions.

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A guide to Miami

The things to do in Miami never come to a halt when you’re adventurous and bold. Go through this brief guide to understand the vibe. Here, we have prepared of a list of...

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4 Reasons You Should Visit Miami

For many people, it is an unforgettable experience. Even though it is just one city, Miami represents destinations from across the world. People who visit Miami discover...

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Little Havana’s Tower Theater

That Calle Ocho is enjoying an unparalleled renaissance—with much more to come—is a given.  And its most enduring element, the magnificent Tower...

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Little Havana at Night

When the sun goes down, you have Little Havana at night and what you get are clubs, bars, and theaters that light up, and so does the marquis of the Tower Theater. You...