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Skin hydration: 5 easy ways to start making it a priority

Skin hydration is too important a step to miss out on, and you should follow these basic tips for healthy, glowing skin

Living in Miami, your skin is bound to get dehydrated, dry, and tight, feeling irritated and reddened. For many, the humidity may produce excess sebum, leading to breakouts and clogged pores. This is why skin hydration is absolutely essential for that glow from the inside out. We have some great tips and tricks on how to make sure you’re hydrating your skin more effectively and ensuring that it looks fabulous all the time:

Here are 5 ways to make skin hydration a priority

Enrich your diet with healthy fats

You need the right nutrients to have hydrated skin and a healthy complexion, healthy fats play a vital role in that. The right foods such as salmon, avocado, nuts, and seeds are an important addition to your diet and should be consumed regularly. These fats also reduce inflammation that is often tied to various skin problems such as acne and many others.

Cut your showers down to 10-15 minutes

Don’t spend too long in the shower. Contrary to popular belief, longer showers won’t provide skin hydration but rather strips the skin of moisture, especially if you’re used to hot showers. You should limit them to 10-15 minutes at most, use lukewarm or cold water, and have a moisturizing routine right after. A moisturizer will lock in the hydration that the water itself lends to your skin.

Eat more water-rich foods and fruit

However, no product or an external application can create the kind of skin hydration and softness that water-rich foods and fruits can give you. They help you glow from the inside out, giving your body much-needed hydration as an alternate water source. You might be surprised to learn this, but fruits go a long way in keeping your skin looking healthy and fresh, which is why adding them to your routine is important.

A woman holds a tub of moisturizer before applying it.

Stay away from harsh products

Something all too many of us are guilty of is using harsh products on our skin that strip away moisture, hydration, and many of the natural oils in the body. Choose gentler alternatives to products such as detergents, body washes, soaps, cleansers, cleaning products for the home, and more. If you can’t avoid using them on a frequent basis, invest in gloves that will act as a barrier between your hands and the product, avoiding unnecessary peeling and stripping.

Get a lightweight moisturizer for summer

Even if it’s summertime, skin hydration should be at the forefront of your healthcare needs. It’s impossible to have healthy, glowing, skin if skin hydration is not present due to lack of a lightweight moisturizer to lock that all in. You may need to go through trial and error before you find the right product, including playing around with textures, but once you do, add it to your summer skincare routine. Here’s a guide to summer skincare in general, helping you build a sustainable routine for yourself.

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